15 Things To Eliminate Now For A More Peaceful Life

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Let’s be honest here…most of us hold onto things and people in our life we know we need to let go to get a more peaceful life. It’s hard to do sometimes. We are creatures of habit but certain things in our life just end up holding us back, Like the ice queen Elsa said,  “Let it Go.” So here are my 15 things to eliminate now for a more peaceful life.

  1. The clothes in your closet that you hoard but you and everyone else knows you will never wear. Purge it girlfriend. At least attempt to make some moolah off of it.
  2. That Negative Nancy friend that always drags you down or is passive aggressive towards you. Do you really need that kind of friendship? It’s not beneficial and it just brings a negative energy to your life. I no longer have energy for the people who are constantly complaining, talking down to me or competing with me. Choose friendships that enrich your life.
  3. Getting down on yourself. Positive energy is so key to a healthy life. That starts with YOU. The world can be tough I’m the first to admit. I’ve had hard times too, but it makes the bad a lot more bearable if you wake up choosing to be the best version of you.
  4. Speaking of YOU… stop doing everything under the sun to change your appearance. Lip injections to look like Kylie Jenner, over-contouring, too much filler and plastic surgery. Be happy with the YOU that God made. I’m not saying a little tweaking is wrong, heck I do that too, but I’m referring to the people constantly trying to change their appearance to look like others (and nothing like themselves) because they are so insecure. Love thy self ladies.
  5. Your constant need to have a spotless house. Especially if you have children. I personally am struggling with that. I am completely that woman who walks behind guests, my child and my husband cleaning up after them. We need to learn to relax and let there be a little bit of a mess. Believe me it’ll be there regardless.
  6. Feeling like you need to prepare a perfect meal every single night. Sometimes it’s ok to order pizza or just make a grilled cheese. I feel like we as women sometimes have this yearning to seem perfect and want to impress all the time, especially with cooking for our family and guests, Take a night off.
  7. Beating yourself up for not hitting the gym 5 days a week. Life is hectic and crazy; sometimes we can’t always get every single thing in our schedule that we aim to. Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t get in your gym time like you intended. You can make it up next week.
  8. Tanning, Do you know how bad it is for your skin? Is it really worth the chance of melanoma? Use self tanner, get a spray tan. Ladies and gentlemen, use SPF 30+. It’s imperative. Plus it’ll keep you looking youthful.
  9. Soda. Yeah that sugary, addictive goodness. I feel ya, It tastes delicious but it’s extremely bad for you. Cut it out. Now. Try sparkling water or at the very least drink stevia soda. Your waistline will thank you.
  10. Smoking. Gross, gross, gross. I mean #1 it’s a huge cause of cancer, but it’s also disgusting. Nothing is more nauseating than walking by a group of smokers. Please for the love of God STOP.
  11. Your unrealistic idea of love & relationships. Yes certain girlfriends of mine, I’m talking to you too. The thought that you wouldn’t give a man a chance because he’s too short, he’s too chubby, he pursues me too much, or he’s divorced is just absurd. No one is perfect and sometimes you just need to give someone a chance. You honestly never know who you could fall in love with. That shorter guy could treat you like the queen you’ve always dreamed of. Isn’t that what matters when it comes down to it? How wonderful someone treats you, how much they love you, what a great father they could be or already are? Stop being so picky.
  12. Being a bar rat past a certain age. Come on, it’s just completely unacceptable after a certain point. Everyone goes through that wild stage but if you’re around your mid 30’s and still keeping the bar alive multiple nights a week and wondering why you can’t find someone to settle down with…take a look in the mirror. No one wants to marry the party girl or the player. Drops mic.
  13. Expecting your friends to revolve their life around you. Stop expecting so much from your friends. We all get our feelings hurt so easy. We expect our friends to go above and beyond just like we think we would do for them. Guess what?! Not every person is wired the same. Their “all” is different from your “all.” Your friend could be giving you the best version of themselves. Just because you both don’t give the same doesn’t mean one of you is better. Take a deep breath and just be thankful you have that person as a friend or decide to pull yourself away. It’s that simple. No need holding onto resentment.
  14. Crappy Relationships. The guy who won’t settle down and only calls late at night. The girl who takes advantage of you. The guy who always has drama follow him but it’s never his fault. The girl who needs constant male attention. The guy who keeps you on the side. The girl who friend zones you. The guy who puts you down and makes you feel bad about yourself. These relationships will not make you a better person. They will just weaken your spirit. They will make you feel like you’re not enough. Never let anyone else control your value. Stand up for yourself and realize you’re too good for this. It’s never easy letting go of any type of relationship but sometimes you need to make healthy decisions for yourself. Let them go so you can attract healthier relationships. You are in charge of the behaviors you tolerate.
  15. Bitterness. Whatever that may be for you: A rough family life, broken childhood, heartbreak, a job promotion you were passed over for. You are in charge of your destiny. We all go through trials and tribulations in life that mold us into the person we are now. You need to make a decision every day to wake up positive and not let things from your past dictate who are you today. Life is too short to live in your past. You are the BOSS of your future.

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I hope you sweet folks had a wonderful weekend! I had a very low key one with my family. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys this week!



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