3 Month Old Mermaids, Dealing With Hip Dysplasia & Birth Announcements

Birth announcements, mermaid birth announcements

Birth announcements, mermaid birth announcements

Birth announcements, mermaid birth announcements

As of today my little mermaid is 3 months old. These past three months feel like they’ve flown by but also like they dragged on. That’s odd I know. Every day feels like it will never end when you have a newborn. You’re sleep deprived and it feels like it’s always gonna be this way. Then one day you wake up and your baby is 3 months old. It hits you out of nowhere. Plus my oldest turns 5 next month. Times flies y when you’re a parent.

Charlie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 8 weeks old so the past 4 weeks have definitely been an adjustment. She was put in a Pavlik harness the day she was diagnosed. I’m not gonna lie and say it was easy. I even cried because no one wants to see their child impaired in the slightest. I’m aware things could be much worse but it’s hard enough being a mother to a newborn without facing any type of hardship. You ‘re sleep deprived, your body has been destroyed, you’re constantly feeding, changing and caring for your baby. The hardest part honestly is changing her diaper but I’ve learned to master it. I was also pretty sad I couldn’t put her in any of the cute outfits I had for her. She can only wear onesies under the harness because her feet and legs are covered with the braces. The good news is that she gets them off in about 3 weeks. It could’ve been so much worse if we caught it later. If you have a newborn, are pregnant or know someone with a newborn then please please make sure you use hip friendly products like Embe & Halo sleep swaddles and carrier such as Lille Baby and Ergo.

She’s such a happy baby. She smiles so much. She loves her big sister. She literally lights up when she walks in the room. I can’t wait to see that relationship build and grow. She is now starting to laugh and can follow me with her eyes. I was scared to have another child because I never knew my heart could grow like it has.

I’m a tad late to the game but I suppose that’s what happens when you have multiple kids. I just now received my birth announcements from Tiny Prints and they turned out spectacular. I love the option to feed in all of your addresses from Excel. I also ordered these cute personalized stamps of the kids to send out with our cards to friends and family. I mean look how cute these are. I also opted for scalloped edges and the pearl white shimmer. Currently you can get 40% off with code Candles and free shipping on orders over $49 with code freeship49 so if I were you, I would act on it quick!



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