How To Find The Best Workout Apparel

It’s Friday which means it’s time to update you guys on my weekly fitness and health venture. Why is it so freaking hard to get back in a groove? No joke my arms are so sore I feel like I have the flu after working out this week. Speaking of working out, I did manage to only work out twice this week but for the most part I did well with my diet. If you disregard that hamburger and fries with Keatyn one night. It was a cheat night haha

Tonight I food prepped for the next few days. I plan on sharing some food prep ideas for you guys next Friday. It’ll have a ton of great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you guys have any specific request please let me know beforehand.

Ok my update: well i lost a few lbs 3 weeks or so ago BUT i have gained it back. It is seriously such a struggle to keep on track. I get so down on myself. It’s so hard to look at my body in the mirror right now. I just want it to look like it did pre-pregnancy. I still look 3 months pregnant. It’s insane the damage pregnancy can do to your self-esteem. Something so beautiful can also cause so much insecurity.


Soooo…on to workout clothing. Since I practically live in yoga pants and athleisure wear, I find myself quite the expert on all the different types and lines of clothing. For the most part I wear yoga leggings but I also branch out at times. For classes like yoga and barre, I prefer either yoga leggings or yoga shorts so I have the flexibility but they don’t stick to me if that makes sense. For high intensity workouts I prefer capri leggings because long ones are too hot but shorts make me irritated when I run. I am linking my favorite brands and places to buy below:



Lululemon $80-$110

Carbon 38 $90-$110

Free People $80-100

Terez $80-100


TJ MAXX $20-50

Old Navy Typically $15-30

90 Degree by Reflex $15-50

Fabletics $40-60

Cotton on Body $25-30

Betsy Johnson 


Hope you guys are getting your workouts on better than me right now. Xo.


Fit Friday: Ab Workout

Ok I’m not gonna lie to you guys, this has been one crazy & rough week. I’ve had birthday parties, 2 birthdays, family in town, photo shoots and two events. Now I’m in the car writing this as we drive 5 hours to my hometown. The struggle is real. However this completely proves my point of how busy we tend to get and sweep exercise under the rug. 

This week I’m not proud of the little bit of time I have fit workouts in my schedule. I’m not gonna beat myself up over it though and just start over next week. I do little spurt workouts when I get a few minutes free though. Every little bit helps. Sheeva put together an ab workout for me this week that I wanna share with y’all. Also make sure to do bursts of cardio between sets. (Jumping rope, high knees, mountain climbers etc to get your heart rate up)

Also in the future when we discuss workouts we are going to start doing videos that I’m posting on my YouTube and including on here as well. Next week we are diving into diet too. 
Ab workout:
All you need is a med ball. If you don’t have one, use a weight or plate. Do three sets of 20-25. 

Boat pose legs straight out, (modification- legs 90 degrees), low boat pose – 20 sec each 

Russian twists with med ball of weight. Must TOUCH ball on each side. Hold for 2 seconds and go to the other side 

Plank ups

Side planks with dips 

Ball toss or ball slams (adds cardio but also works on abs)

Around the world with medicine ball. -arms straight make a circle -ads arms into it. -do side to sides with the ball or weight too

Spiders – in Plank position bring knee to shoulder. Do one side then other side. That is one. Hold for more strength. Go faster for cardio. 

Cork screw- legs are straight up. Lay on your back. Bring hips up and move your legs up towards the left. Back down then towards the right 

Check out next week for some more detailed plans discussing workouts and diet. Xoxo.

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Faves


nordstrom sale favorites

Woo Hoo! Another Nordstrom sale. This one is a really good one too. I’ve found so many good deals and things I love. The sale goes until January 2 so use that Christmas money from your family and get to spending! Everything except one item I’ve listed is not only under $100 but well under it. Especially this leather jacket below that I wear on repeat. It will NEVER go out of style. Enjoy and let me know your favorites ūüôā Xoxo







nordstorm sale favorites


nordstorm sale favorites


nordstorm sale favorites


nordstorm sale favorites


nordstorm sale favorites


nordstorm sale favorites


nordstorm sale favorites


nordstorm sale favorites


nordstrom sale favorites


nordstrom sale favorites


nordstrom sale favorites


Holiday Gift Guide: Nordstrom Style

Nordstrom Holiday Gift Guide: Nashville Wifestyles

I have another Holiday Gift Guide for you guys. This time from Nordstrom. One of the best parts about Nordstrom is if you use their card you build up points that you can use as cash towards future purchases. I am sharing some of my favorite gift items today from Bauble Bar jewelry to makeup. Hope you guys enjoy! Look out for my next gift guide coming Tuesday or Wednesday ūüôā Just in time for Black Friday.

Under $100

Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Under $50


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Nordstrom holiday gift guide: Nashville Wifestyles


Shop Local Spotlight: Hazel and Mae


Well it’s Monday and we are back from Gatlinburg. Tomorrow is the big Election Day. I plan on hibernating. My munchkin is out of school tomorrow so we are gonna run some errands and finalize some stuff with the baby. This week makes for the 3 week countdown…EEK. Pray I don’t have her early.

So I know you guys see me talk about local Nashville spots a lot. I’ve decided to start¬†a weekly local spotlight on boutiques, restaurants, spas, etc. All things Nashville and shopping,

This week I want to highlight an online Nashville boutique, Hazel and Mae. Their stuff is really cute and very reasonably priced. Also, if you live in the Nashville area and would like to see their merchandise you can email to set up your own private shopping experience.

I’m rocking the Piazza dress in size small. ¬†I also shared a few of my faves below. (Look below for a discount)

Bonus: This week if you use my code ASHLEY20 you can score 20% off. So support local & small business ūüôā Also check our their Instagram¬†for up to date fashion looks. Xoxo


Fall Maxi Dresses and Booties





Today I am 35 weeks pregnant. It just set in that in less than 5 weeks I will have a new baby around here. For a woman who already has one child, I’m a tad scared honestly. I’ve never been one who adapts well to change and that’s not really a good thing. I love being a mother though so I know it will be fine. Just sharing some real life over here.

Since I’m having a harder time fitting in my clothes lately, I love finding options that fit my growing baby bump. I have been loving elastic waist bands and wrap dresses because I can rock them with my bump but also continue wear after the baby is born. I especially am obsessed with¬†this dress¬†from Make Me Chic. It’s so elegant I could wear it to a more formal event if I wanted to. Plus it’s $34! You can also go on their site right now for a special discount code. ¬†

At 9 am every morning, Make Me Chic is giving away 50 t-shirts to the first 50 people and that ends in a couple of days.


Well my little nugget is kicking and it’s time for bed. Don’t forget to enter for your free t-shirt. Oh and my maternity shoot is tomorrow, I can’t wait to share it with you guys. Xoxo

Can’t Help Myself, I’m Swooning Over This Cactus Shirt


Shirt: ROMWE  ||  Purse & Boots: CHARMING CHARLIE  ||  Choker: ETTIKA

How is it only Tuesday and I already feel stressed from the week? I swear the stress is on for these final 6 weeks before Charlie comes. I still have to finish her room, pack my hospital bag, and catch up on all my business stuff before I’m out of commission for a little bit. Today my girl Sara King and I filmed an amazing Harley Quinn makeup look for Halloween that will be on my YouTube hopefully tomorrow.

So this cactus shirt… I love it so much. I want to wear it everyday. It is so cute and under $20 so I couldn’t go wrong. You have to check it out along with the items from the store. So cute and inexpensive. I paired it with my favorite Ettika necklace right now. They are doing so many collaborations with Free People, which is great for me because they are two of my favorite brands.

Anyway, this tired pregnant chick is off to edit some videos and go to bed. (ps. did you guys watch Scream Queens or This Is Us tonight?) Both so good, Night loves. Xoxo.

Bringing Kimonos Into Fall

Kimono & Top: LIZARD THICKET  ||  Jeans: STARS & ROCKETS  ||  Boots: VERY VOLATILE  ||  Necklace: HOUSE OF HARLOW

It’s Wednesday!!! That means the week is halfway over. I feel like I’ve barely gotten anything accomplished that I needed to do even though I’ve done so much. I officially have 7 weeks left until Charlotte is born. My nursery isn’t finished and I am boggled down with work on top of that. I just keep telling myself it’ll be ok but I am getting stressed honestly. Today I had a little pamper day. I had a facial at Sieveking Plastic Surgery by my girl Ashley (if you’re in Nashville, she’s the cat’s meow) and got a bomb manicure and brow job by Jen at Parlour 3 (look for my IG photos tomorrow). My local Nashville girls…ya’ll need to go check them out. They are amazing.

Speaking of Nashville, I’m back once again working with one of my favorite boutiques here, Lizard Thicket. ¬†This kimono is perfect for fall and I have worn it into the ground. My stepmom even borrowed it she loved it so much. You can check them out online, on their Instagram or call the store (615) 678-7092. Also the tank I paired is from there and it’s one of the comfiest tanks I’ve ever worn.

Oh and these jeans you see on me quite often are also local from Stars & Rockets and you can get 15% with the code ASHLEY.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday and I’ll be sharing more with you tomorrow! Xoxo

Updating That LBT With A Crop Top


(Linked similar options below also)

So yes I’m about to pop and I’m rocking a crop top. Sue me lol. I’ve been trying to figure out how to style this cropped sweater for a while now because I’ve been pregnant ever since I got it. Then it dawned on me one day when I found this LBT under $13, that I could just wear it over top of the dress. Duh. I thought it looked pretty cute, especially for pregnant chick who has limited options at the moment. Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with flared sleeves right now. It’s such a huge trend for summer and fall.

I am also obsessed with¬†these wedged boots!¬†They are so unique… I knew when I saw them, I had to have them. And they’re under $80. I can almost guarantee I’m not gonna run into someone who has the same pair.

I am gonna be sharing different items over the next week or two that can be worn to transition your basic black dress just like this. Hope you like it because I certainly love saving money and re-inventing outfits I already own. Happy Tuesday loves!

Tennessee: Home Sweet Home

Photo Credit: Thomas J Photography

Hey guys! Today I’m working with LivingTN to show my love for my home state of over 30 years. I was born and raised in Kingsport, TN. My dad, step-mom, nana and two brothers still live there. I have lived in Nashville for nearly 7 years now. I wanted out of a small town and moved here for a fresh start. Honestly, I had never ventured outside of the Tri-Cities area but I knew in my heart I was destined for Nashville. I have never looked back.

I lived in the Sylvan Park area near Local Taco when I first moved here. I used to walk over to drink their delicious margaritas at night and had Star Bagel for breakfast most mornings. My favorite places for dinner were Virago and Whiskey Kitchen and Lime (where Tavern is now). My friends and I loved to do Hip Hop Tuesdays at Mai (which is now closed.) If you lived here then, you already know about how fun Hip Hop Tuesday was!

One of our favorite brunch spots: The Southern

Our wedding venue in the Nashville area: Drakewood Farms
I started dating my husband Matt Houston, a Vanderbilt graduate, and we had a beautiful baby girl 4 years ago. We lived downtown at Werthan Loftswhich by the way is one of the coolest condo units ever. If you are looking for a unique place to live, check it out. I love the industrial vibe and practically every neighbor is jamming out every week. Our favorite places to go out are usually bigger events or parties since we do have a little one at home. We love Motif’s annual Mardi Gras Party and Steeplechase (they literally have the best tailgate spot there).

Motif Mardi Gras

Steeplechase 2016
Another place we frequent is The Standard at the Smith House in downtown Nashville. It is one of the oldest buildings in Nashville, it was built in the 1840’s, and is the only grand townhouse remaining in downtown Nashville. Matt and I grab dinner and drinks there often and an occasional cigar but our favorite event is their black tie event, Fight Night. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get all dolled up? It has such a classic & old school feel, makes me feel like Grace Kelly.

Fight Night @ The Standard
Another thing that makes me eternally grateful to live in Nashville is the FOOD! Holy moly my taste buds have never exploded like since I’ve lived in Nashville. Best food ever from the restaurants to the bars to the food trucks. I live to eat each meal so this heavily excites me. I keep a list in my phone of places to try and I have conquered most of Nashville’s eateries with pride haha. Some of my favorite places to eat are…get ready for a long list…

Brunch: Tavern (cheddar biscuits, white trash hash, scores) Silo (deviled eggs, hot chicken sliders) Urban Grub (The bar, always the bar) The Southern (hot chicken salad) and Marche (crepes).

Lunch: Tazikis, Food Company, The Pharmacy, Fido,  Cochon Butcher, Frothy Monkey, Smiling Elephant (Pad Kro Pao) and Bar Taco.

Dinner: Jeff Ruby (get the donuts!!!!), Kayne Prime (clearly I like steak), Virago, Chauhan Ale & Masala House, Sinema (take a selfie in the bathroom) and 5th & Taylor.

Drinks/Going Out: The Valentine, Bastion, Patterson House, Citizen and The Standard.

Last but not least (since I am mostly a fashion and beauty blogger) one of my favorite things to do in Nashville is shop. Some of my favorite boutiques are Lizard Thicket, Blush Boutique, and H AudreyCheck out my blog on Nashville’s top boutiques from earlier this year. Nashville has some bomb style going on and we love to support local boutiques and designers. We definitely aren’t what people expect us to be in Music City.

There is truly so much to do here, you could honestly never get bored. Music festivals everywhere you turn, NHL hockey, The Titans, Nashville Sounds, museums, live music at the Amphitheater, Bridgestone, LP Field and Ryman. Nashville is home to me now and I love that my daughters get to grow up in such a super rad town. If you guys have any questions about any of the stuff going on in Nashville or wanna know more of my favorites, please do not hesitate to ask. Email me, reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ūüôā Come see us!