Lagree Fitness

It’s Fit Friday guys and even though I have a lot of work to do at the moment, at least I was pretty hardcore in fitness pre-Charlie. One of my best friends, Anne, is a trainer at Studio Novo and Barry’s Bootcamp (which I will be discussing in a few weeks.) I was her first client ever about 4.5 years ago after my first baby and she whipped me in shape. If you live in Nashville you HAVE to go to one of her classes. This week I have asked her to do a guest posting about Lagree Fitness and then next week I will be discussing my experience with it. Keep reading to get a little insight from a Lagree fitness machine… look at her bod, you’ll get what I mean. Plus she has embarked on a fitness blog and I’m so excited to see all the things she has in store and you can bet on many more collaborations between us.

Also at the end I’ll be touching on a 30 day ab challenge I’m doing with a few other amazing bloggers.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

Created by Sebastian Lagree in LA over a decade ago, Lagree Fitness is a patented method labeled by experts as one of the most innovative concepts in the fitness world today. Celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Michelle Obama swear by the Lagree Fitness workout. I found this method to be extremely effective in keeping me in shape as I was a NFL Cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans.

Combining the five elements of fitness – Cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility –  with resistance training, the results are seen much faster which less impact on your joints by targeting your slow twitch muscle fibers through continuous tension on a megareformer. People often think they are walking into Pilates. However, it’s not Pilates at all. It’s Lagree – one of the most revolutionary workouts that has ever been developed.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

In 2014, having battled numerous injuries over the past five years I was looking for a low impact workout which could deliver results in a powerful way. This is when I found Lagree Fitness.

Lagree Fitness is one of the only methods I have found which truly makes you feel stronger from the inside out. There is no other type of method in the fitness world which delivers the same core work as Lagree.

In Nashville, you can find the Lagree Fitness method only taught at Studio Novo Nashville and Studio Novo Cool Springs. When you come to class, expect a 50 minute full body class with a Lagree certified instructor who designs their own class.

Not only am I a certified personal trainer, but I teach the Lagree Method as well. You can check out my classes on Mondays at Studio Novo Cool Springs at 9:30am + 12pm and Studio Novo Nashville on Thursday at 5:30pm. Your first class is free. For best results, I would encourage you to attend 3 times a week.

For more information, you can check out and as well as my website



As I told you guys on the previous Fit Friday posts, I am trying to connect with you guys not only so we can motivate each other but also so I can hold myself accountable. With that being said I am teaming up with these 4 beauties below (check out their blog sites too!!! They’re amazing, you won’t regret it) to do a 30 day Ab Challenge. I am starting today and I really hope you guys can start and finish with us! Keep following each week. Xo.

agree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.


Zappos Roadshow Recap

This post is sponsored by Zappos but as always all opinions are my own 🙂

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos


zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

I hope you guys had a solid weekend. Did you do anything fun?

I finally got out of the house since my mother in law was in town to watch the kids and I dragged my hubby to the Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow in downtown Nashville. It was such a wonderful event. We had so much fun. I met up with a fellow blogger and we stuffed our faces with complimentary Grilled Cheeserie. Everyone in Nash knows how amazing Grilled Cheeserie is. I’ll blow my diet for that any day. There were giant unicorn and pizza floats around everywhere to lay on and believe me I did. They also had a live band that simply blew me away. You can see from my photos how much fun it was. I’m sad I missed free pet adoptions, I really wanted to snuggle some puppies.

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos



I recently ordered some shoes from Zappos and I couldn’t be happier about the ease of the purchase. I bought my little one some of the popular Sketchers Twinkle Toes for her upcoming Troll themed 5th birthday party and the excitement on her face was priceless. The shopping process was a breeze and I signed up for the Zappos Reward Program to earn points toward future purchases. With Zappos Reward Program you get 10 points for every $1 spent. If you log in anywhere (mobile, web etc) you can earn 50 points and if you leave a review you can earn 100 points. On top of all that goodness, you also get free expedited shipping and early access to sales.

On top of having the best prices, Zappos also has a 365 day return policy, free returns and 24 hour customer service. I went a tad overboard as usual when I was shopping on their site and ordered 4 pairs of shoes. My pink Sam Edelman heels are my absolute favorites, I’ve seen these everywhere but couldn’t quite bite the bullet but Zappos low pricing definitely helped seal the deal. I also got a couple cute pairs of flat sandals for spring. The Jessica Simpson black fringe sandals and the Dolce Vita lace up nude sandals are the most charming additions for my spring wardrobe and I know all my friends are gonna be asking to borrow them. ( I see you guys)

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

I hope as always you guys enjoy witnessing my shopping addiction 😉 I know you guys love a good deal as much as I do, and if you’re looking for some sweet deals on apparel, shoes, etc don’t forget to check out Zappos and sign up for their reward program.

Also, you can now go online to vote for the next city to be featured for the Zappos Road Show.

Fit Friday Series: Starting Over

fit friday, getting fit after baby, clean eating, how to get pre-baby body back

Ok it’s about to get real y’all. I made a conscious decision last week to start this week fresh and get my pre-baby body back. I know it’s gonna take work and I’m determined to get my mind right. I was in health kick overdrive before I found out I was pregnant and maybe a few months in I continued that same good behavior. I was extremely ill during the majority of this pregnancy but I still managed to make it to the gym at least a couple of times a week and walk on incline and lift light weights…. then I tapered off. Sadly, I haven’t started back. Until now anyway. So I fully intended to start full force on Sunday and I did eat very well on Sunday. However, I get hit with a nasty stomach virus Monday morning and I still haven’t recovered so I haven’t been able to kick it in high gear yet. Starting today though I will be adding in my new way of life: exercise, clean eating, supplements, etc. I’m really excited to start this journey back to my cellulite free body. I can’t do this alone so I’m teaming up with my good friend and a bad ass trainer Sheeva Rouhanifard, one of the owners of Title Boxing in Green Hills and Cool Springs. We are starting this weekly series to help not only myself gain confidence by living a healthy life but to inspire others to take this same journey.

So how do you start?

Sheeva and I sat down and discussed my goals: eating cleaner, being stronger again, leaning out and toning up among other things. We took my measurements which I’m gonna share my progress with you guys weekly.

Waist: 30

Arm: 9

Hips: 37.5

Thigh: 20.5

The hardest part for me as a busy mother are A.) Finding time to workout B.) Clean Eating. Now I eat fairly healthy for the most part. I don’t eat fast food and pizza every day but I am not a woman with willpower when it comes to sweets and my favorite foods. I’m that person that will say “I’ve eaten so healthy today so I can indulge.” That’s fine when it’s maybe one day a week but when it’s every single night when your favorite shows are on, it becomes a problem. And that problem costs you your waistline. Just like Sheeva and I discussed, one of my main issues is gonna be me getting my eating under control. I’ll touch more on that later, but we have some awesome things to share on that later on. Since I’ve been sick, I haven’t been eating much the past few days so I haven’t been able to start. To start out each day I plan on making a smoothie or a protein shake. I’m excited to share my favorite products and recipes with you guys. Ideally I’m motivated by convenient and easy meals and snacks for us busy women because especially since I’m a mom to a new baby, I literally don’t have a free moment. I’m always trying to cram everything in.

I’m on a mission to find the best meal replacements, meal prep ideas and wellness bars and excited to show you guys my thoughts. I’m starting on LifeVantage this weekend and I’m very hopeful it will give me everything I need. 

If y’all have any food prep ideas or recommendations, meal replacements etc please let me know. Xoxo.

Rock The South With Grogan’s Jewelers By Lon

I’m a born and raised southern girl. I love sweet tea, I say y’all, I love the SEC and country music. It just makes sense that I moved to Nashville, the capital of Tennessee and the heart of country music. I love Music City. We are such a supportive city of all things in the music industry. Most of the companies in the Nashville area proudly sponsor the creativity of our fellow Nashville artists.
With that being said, one of my favorite jewelry stores in the Nashville area, Grogan’s Jewelers by Lon, has partnered with Rock the South for the Rock The Proposal Giveaway. If you purchase an engagement ring from Grogan’s Jewelers by Lon at any of their 3 locations (Huntsville, AL, Florence, AL or our local store in Franklin, TN) you will be entered in a drawing for Rock The South tickets on June 2 & 3 in Cullman, AL and ALSO a chance to propose on stage on June 3rd, when Luke Bryan performs.
Bonus announcement: Grogan’s is having their largest Bridal Show of the Year next weekend March 30 – April 2nd. There will be hundreds of exclusive engagement rings in their store.
  Some of the nations top engagement ring designers will have reps in each location. Along with many more elaborate styles.
  • Cool Springs:  Benchmark and Uneek
  • Huntsville: Frederick Goldman and Artcarved
  • Florence: LaVie and Stuller
The Bridal Show is their biggest event of the year, it’s only for a limited time and the SPECIAL pricing is only on engagement rings and wedding bands. On top of that, if you purchase this weekend, not only are you entered into the Rock The Proposal Giveaway but…….
you also get a $500 gift card for Luis Quintana’s Wedding Videography packages.  He was just featured on Martha Stewart’s Luis is one of the nation’s prime wedding videographers and has been selected by Grogans as a Diamond Partner. He has agreed to an exclusive $500 discount off of any of his wedding packages for your approaching wedding.
I have had the opportunity to research Grogan’s Jewelry by Lon when I worked on the Nashville Lifestyle’s Most Beautiful People event. Grogan’s has one of the best warranties in the business and it’s FREE with purchase. I know first hand most warranties cost you a pretty penny. Most other jewelry stores charge for their warranty. Grogan’s Jewelry by Lon offers 18 months interest-free financing with no money down (upon approved credit.) As an added bonus, they have an onsite jeweler who can usually make all your repairs and sizing needs happen the same day.
Grogan’s Bridal Show is March 30th – April 2nd and is the last chance to receive Special Discounted and Bundle Pricing. For more information click HERE.
So check it out and look for my YouTube video coming next week regarding my experience shopping there to replace my stolen wedding band. Please message me with any questions. Xoxo.

A Few Tips To Ease Stress For Mommas

You guys know by now that I have a new baby and an almost 5 year old. If you have children too then you definitely feel my struggles of not having a moment to yourself or finding time to relax. As mothers and also just as women, we need to find the time to relax and enjoy the little pleasures in life. I know it’s hard to do because we always feel the need to get all the things done around our house etc. It’s especially hard when you’re a type-A person and just can’t learn to sit still. You HAVE to make time for you to do not only things that you enjoy but also activities that help put your mind at ease.

A few of my tricks I’ve learned to help put my mom brain at ease:


Read a good therapeutic book. I’m personally loving Hustle and Heart.” I’m joining up with Kail Lowry for her Virtual Book Tour in honor of her new book. Also, if you’re in the Baltimore area, you can meet Kail in person at her book signing March 25th at noon at John Hopkins University Barnes and Noble. Make sure you visit these other awesome posts from this virtual blog tour that are listed below. Kail discusses her life struggles growing up and as a mom. Her book is full of “motivational messages, personal advice and relatable experiences for those making their way through life’s challenging mix of joy and hardship.” Sometimes, you just need to know you’re not alone. It’s inspiring to read similar struggles of others to really process life. Check it out mommas.

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Sweat It Out.

Go to a sauna, steam room or a Sweat House. The steam room or sauna always helps to clear my head. Sweating out the toxins gives you a profound sense of relaxation/release as your entire body starts to eliminate irritability along with helping your cramped muscles and nerves begin to dissipate. The far infrared sauna helps to reduce physical stress by boosting blood circulation. I personally love the Sweat House in Green Hills. I have never left there feeling less than extraordinary. If you live in the Nashville area and you haven’t been…do yourself a favor and GO!


Touching on the sweat it out… go to the gym. I know personally that running to the gym is my favorite way to decompress. Whether it be going for a run, hitting up a yoga class or boxing it out. All of these things increase your endorphins and help you release all of your built up tension. Exercise is not only good for your mind, it’s clearly good for your body so it’s a win win situation. Earn that summer bod. Also you better believe you’re gonna sleep like a champ. Exercise helps with concentration and anxiety so it is good for us ladies since we tend to stress a lot more than men.


Have a glass of wine and watch a new show on Netflix or a movie. I seriously look forward to my nightly glass of wine so I can wind down from my day. I put my kids to bed around 8, pour myself a glass of wine (actually I kindly ask my hubby to do so) and kick my feet up to watch my “shows.” Tonight it was Walking Dead and Big Little Lies. I sometimes think of all of the things I could get accomplished and I would be lying if I said I didn’t do the occasional load of laundry, dishes and food prep. (I told you I can’t sit still very well) However, I cherish that glass of wine every night, it has became like a savior to me. Oh and my tv shows, I’m an addict. I won’t quit them. Ever.

Bubble Bath.

Oh bubble baths…how I love thee. Actually I had one today for the first time in forever. Bubbles, epsom salt and champagne. I was in a state of euphoric bliss until my 4 year old walked in and started throwing toys in my bathtub wanting to play. With that being said, maybe wait until the kids go to bed. Have a glass of bubbly and light some candles. Here are my favorite bubble bath (so elegant) and candles.

Vitamin D

Get your booty outside. Speaking from someone who suffers from not only anxiety, but from a vitamin D deficiency, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s highly beneficial to your health to get some sun in your life. Don’t just trust me though, it’s medically proven y’all. Just make sure you wear sunscreen because no one has time for those pesky wrinkles. No sir.

Time With Your Girlfriends

Make time for your friends. I know what you’ll say because I say it too. “I’m tired or I don’t wanna get ready” Suck it up buttercup. You’ve been around tiny life sucking humans all day. I know you’re craving adult interaction like no other. So give the mail lady a break. You deserve a decent conversation and some grub, a movie or drinks with your girls. I have two kids, one is only 3 months old and I have already had like 4 girl nights. That’s unheard of I know, but you have to make time. You’ll thank me. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house, put some makeup on and feel human again.

Date Night Out

Ok my last piece of advice is this: Go on a date with your husband/boyfriend. You HAVE to make time in your relationship after kids otherwise you’ll be like ghosts to each other. Passing each other in the halls, working on your computers at night side by side. I pretty much just explained my hubs and I day to day with our new baby but even then we dedicate time to each other by going on a date at least every 2-3 weeks. It’s a necessity. Get out of the house in your fancy new dress and remember why you made those babies to begin with. Love. Sometimes a night out with your partner can be all you need to forget the worries of the world.

I hope this gave you some ideas or at least helped you see most of us moms are a complete mess that need a mental time out here and there. Check out Kail’s book and also the great pages listed above. Xoxo.


Love Yourself First. Treat Yourself. Spa Day at Osho Collective.


If you follow along with my story then you know I am a mother whose life is mostly chaos, most importantly mother with a newborn. When you have a child, you relish any moment of free time you may be blessed with. When you have more than one, you literally bolt out the door the second you can. When I had the chance to have a spa day, I not only indulged but I savored every second.

I had a long talk with my sister in law over the holidays and she told me I needed to invest in more me time. I, of course, being a parent thought to myself “I don’t have time, my kids need me.” I have been doing a lot of soul searching in the past year to find out what truly makes me happy because the hard truth is when you become a mother, you lose a but of yourself. That’s ok because you should be selfless most of the time for your children. But you know what? You should have be selfish sometimes. You need time for yourself, you need to pamper yourself. Because if you’re not happy, if you’re not mentally well…guess who suffers also? Your children, your partner. They need you to be at your very best just as much as you do. So I have made a point to do more self loving. One of the things to start this journey is pampering myself more.

Before having my first child, I think I’ve only had one facial and one massage. Period. In 28 years of life, that’s ridiculous. In the past 5 years since she was born, I have had a handful here and there. So on my road to self love, I made a promise to myself that I would get a massage, facial and blowout once a month preferably but at the very least every 2 months. I’m thankful that Osho Collective, a new spa & salon in Nashville granted me with a day of relaxation to experience all these things and more.

Herbal Foot Soak

I started my day with an herbal foot soak which is something I had never experienced. I have such a hard time letting myself go or releasing. When I sat down, Gabrielle (the owner) gave me a blanket, a warm neck compress and a mask to get all the feels and all comfy. From there, she poured the water in the foot tub. Here’s a little info on that for ya because I didn’t know either.

“The Herbal foot soak is really to art of setting the body in such a way that supports the body’s ability to release stress and to receive healing/nurturing. Stress being the largest factor for most health issues (physical and emotional), every movement/service on the Osho wellhouse side is held with the intention of releasing stress/trauma in the body and supporting the blossoming, growth, and alignment of our clients life force (authentic happiness). All of the soaks are made in house by are magical apothecary artist Alyson Spence. The house soak (the osho soak) is a combination of woodsy tones for grounding and a light citric element which is uplifting to the spirit, resulting in a really smooth balancing of the body’s vibration. It also contains epsom salt, pink salt, and dead sea salt that work as powerful clearing agents and help to relax muscles. Once the body is set and cozy, we begin the pouring of the water, pitcher by pitcher, beginning to open the body’s senses and promote rejuvenation. With the warm neck wrap and hot tea, combined with the indigenous music you are bound to step into another world. After this journey, you may find yourself particularly rested, centered.” (Gabrielle)

It was really really hard for me to shut down and enjoy but I really tried. A day at the spa is a “destination to transform your psychological and physiological well-being.”

Customized Facial

Ok I’m gonna be real with you for a moment. That was hands down the most relaxing facial I have ever had in my life. Their aesthetician, Christina Gandy, is simply magical. She’s so amazing I went back. And I will go back again very soon. I kept asking her over and over about all of the relaxing, heavenly smells. She’s not paying me to say this either haha… she’s the cat’s meow for sure.

The skin care line used is Eminence, an all natural, organic line. Facials helps release tension from the face, neck and body while rehydrating and nourishing your skin. It can take years off your face with regular visits. Here is a little something, something I found from Miss Christina regarding facials:

60 Minute Massage

I swear these opinions are my own and it seems like I’m sugar coating everything but I’m not! With that being said, again this massage was the best massage ever. Keep in mind I like deep tissue massages. When I am asked how I like my pressure, my response is “I wanna feel your fingers in my bones.” Yes I’m aware how truly creepy that sounds but hey, it’s me. I like rough massages, sue me. I was extremely heart broken when the massage ended. Note to self: next time do 90 minutes or more. Robin is a genius. And when I complimented her on this at the end, she said it was;t the first time she’s heard it so it MUST be true, Simply magical.

Guide Session

This was the part I was most nervous about. I am an extremely private person unless you’re a close friend of mine. I was terrified to discuss anything about my feelings or life etc. Yah I’ve got trust issues and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Gabrielle’s way of explaining the sessions are like this “The guide session is an experience of being guided to a deeper listening on ones true/higher self. It would be like having someone hold up a mirror to your emotional body to help you see where you might be holding old trainings and experiences that are likely the cause of our feeling stuck or unhappy. A guide session is used to help people navigate their internal waters to get where they are really trying to go, to get fulfillment.”

Going through life like I have (like a champ btw) I have really learned to zone in on what makes me me and what makes you you. The guide session is very therapeutic and could really benefit someone who is going through rough times or really just need to rid their soul of some junk. Personally I feel like I’m pretty good at that myself because like I said, I am really trying to take care of myself lately. I let myself feel, let myself cry, let myself be angry. Holding anything inside your soul just isn’t good for your well-being. Gabby is really talented in the way she can zone in on your concerns and internal battles.

Jessica Mallum


Well, I experienced the Wellhouse side of Osho and it was awesome but I spend most of time in the salon side of it because that’s where my girl Jessica Joy is. Jessica has beautified these locks of mine for nearly 5 years now. She is the artist behind this blonde mane. It’s only fitting that I end my day in her chair. She is the queen of blonde hair but she is uber talented in hair color alone. She’s literally the She is a top notch PerfecTress Hair Extensions Specialist and educator. One of the very best here in Nashville, Girl is wicked talented.

Here is the latest magic she has worked on my hair and the bottom pic is my sweet friend Sheeva.



Bonus if you live in the Nashville area, Osho is running an AMAZING February special that I personally am snagging. Such a great deal. I definitely recommend the facial & massage. Let them know I sent ya! Xoxo



Nashville Wifestyles Guide To Small Business Saturday

small business saturday

I have rounded up some amazing small business along with some awesome sales and discount codes for you guys. Some local in Nashville and some scattered over the US that I love and fully support. From apparel to jewelry to baby/kid items…you name it, it’s on here. Please take the time to check them out for your holiday shopping.

Now that Black Friday is said and done, we can move on to the shops that need the most support: small businesses. These are your local shops that are run by one person or even by families/or a few employees. They deserve our business and support more than anything. Having more businesses in your area means more money for your city. That is a major reason to support local business owners and invest in your community this coming Saturday. Xoxo.

Alyson Scarlett

SHOP | 20% off all orders “TURKEY20” but head over for even more deals on their site!

Alyssa Murr Decor

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American Heirloom

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Annie & Daisy

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Ashley Gabby Designs

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B & Me NYC

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Barberry + Lace

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Bella Simone

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Birdling Bags

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Blissful Serenity Scrubs

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SHOP | Black Friday Sale begins at Midnight MST (mountain standard) 12 AM until 7AM 35% off using code “Blackfriday” | 8 AM until Noon 25%off using code “twentyfive”| Noon until Midnight 20%off using code “twenty”

Chrome Classics

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CinnamonSticks Designs

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Citizen Smalls

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Cliff & Cilla

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Copper Pearl

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Crunchy Cuts

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D+K Renewal

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Daniele Elyse Photography 


EDJE Active

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Essentially Terra

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Fave4 Hair

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Freshy Fig

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Funky & Little

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Gentry California

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Glitter & Bow 

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Goldy Fox

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Halo Collective Apparel

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Heart of the Farm Planner

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Homespun Happiness

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Imperishable Clothing Co

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InFinnity Kids

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Kiwi & Hope

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La Belle Vie

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Laced With Love

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Little Adi & Co

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Mamoo Kids

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Suede and Floppy Hats: Fall Fashion


Dress: CLIFF & CILLA  (Similar below) ||  Shoes: ASOS  ||  Necklace: CLIFF & CILLA  ||  Hat: BLUSH BOUTIQUE

How was your weekend? I hope everyone did something fun and celebrated fall since we actually had good weather this weekend. I took a much-needed social media hiatus this weekend to relax since I’m narrowing in on the end of my pregnancy, with only 7 weeks left. I took Keatyn to the zoo on Thursday and to Disney on Ice Friday night. I really tried to spend as much time savoring my last week alone with her considering she was on fall break. We had so much fun 🙂

My friend Tina recently opened a boutique in the Nashville area, located in Hendersonville, and I wanted to share one of the outfits she sent me. Keep in mind that I am over 7 months pregnant so I can guarantee it will look 10x better on you guys haha. It did make the dress a little shorter with that big belly bump of mine (look at that belly button hehe)! I loved how soft the suede was and the color fit perfectly with my new olive hat I’ve been wanting to wear. Soooo cute! I’m a huge fan of suede and it’s so trendy for fall.

I’m so proud of her for venturing out and starting her own boutique. I’m a big believer that we, as women, should support not only local businesses but girl bosses. Life is not a competition, there’s room for us all to succeed. So get out there and support local business and fellow girl bosses, ladies. They have such cute stuff at her store so please check them out and her online inventory should also be updated very soon if it isn’t already.

Follow their Instagram here -> Cliff & Cilla

Happy Monday loves! Hope you have a positive week. I have SO much to share with you guys the next few weeks. This momma has been a busy bee!

Encompassing Beauty. What Makes You Feel Beautiful: Nashville Wifestyles


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This post was written by me through an activation with HireInfluence on behalf of Grogan Jewelers by Lon.  Although I received compensation for participation in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Can you remember at least one moment in your life where you felt absolutely beautiful? I truly hope there are many times you feel beautiful but we all specifically have a few moments in particular that really stand out in our mind. For me, I feel absolutely beautiful when I’m with my husband. Now that’s not one moment in time I’m referring to, but a series of moments in my mind mainly involve him. The way he looks at me simply radiates love. When he is talking about me to people, his eyes sparkle. I know he’s proud to call me his. He has been so encouraging about me venturing out, starting my blog and conquering all the new challenges I’ve been facing since doing so. I have his full support. That makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. The pictures above are from our wedding day and engagement session.

Another photo I’m sharing with you that makes me feel most beautiful is any photo of me being a mother. The way my daughter beams at me like I’m the most beautiful, smartest, coolest woman in the world makes my insides all mushy. To her, I am everything. I love being a mother more than anything else I have ever accomplished in my life. It truly makes me feel like I’m in heaven on earth. All of these memories stand out to me because these are times I can pinpoint where I felt admired and loved (which in turn makes me feel beautiful. )

What does all this mean? Why am I telling you about what makes me feel beautiful? Well the exciting news is one lucky winner will win an all expenses paid trip (hotel accommodations for 2 nights and airfare) to the Nashville Lifestyle’s 25 Most Beautiful Reveal Party, compliments of Grogan Jewelers by Lon, along with a shopping experience to purchase her dress, a professional beauty package (hair, makeup, nails) to get all dolled up AND all decked out in gorgeous jewelry from Grogan Jewelers by Lon. If you didn’t feel beautiful before, you definitely will now. (Past celebrities included for this award are Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, and Jake Owen.)

Here’s the sitch ladies…

Upload and post a photo of yourself when you’ve felt the Most Beautiful (wedding, prom, etc) tagged with #GrogansGirl on Twitter or Instagram to be entered in the contest. How easy is that?! Click the link below to for more information on how to enter:
#GrogansGirl Nashville VIP Fashion Gala Giveaway


I hope you guys are having a great week! Don’t forget to enter 🙂 Xoxo

VK Sport: Luxurious, Comfortable Golf Clothing For Women.

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This was such a fun day at the Silver Lake Golf Club near my parent’s house in Kingsport, TN. I’m not a huge golfer by any means but almost every male in my family is. My little brother has played his entire life on school teams, my dad plays golf nonstop (and watches golf on tv constantly too) and my own husband played golf his whole life and was offered the chance to walk on the Vanderbilt golf team. I’ve always wished I played more because of how much my family enjoy the sport. Plus the golf outfits are too cute and you guys know I love any way to express myself through fashion.
I am excited to collaborate with a local golf and activewear label right here in Nashville, VK Sport LLC. VK Sport, LLC was created by Victoria Kopyar, an avid golfer in the Nashville area. “VK Sport products are designed to provide the quality and style of a luxury brand, combined with the innovative performance typically found in sports apparel. Every item is designed with style and colors more typical of the runway than the fairway.  More than that, the line uses top-quality innovative fabrics and finely detailed design to ensure great performance for the elite female golfer.”
From my perspective, the apparel is very luxurious and high-end quality. This outfit in particular was extremely comfortable on my pregnant self but still fitted in the right places to make you feel feminine. An equal mix of comfort, fashion and upscale to make all the ladies jealous of your golf wear. The golf market for females has dramatically increased in the past few years. Statistics show that 41% of new golfers are women.
You can find VK Sport at select golf pro shops, online retailers such as and through VK Sport is a proud clothing sponsor for LPGA Professional Amelia Lewis.
I hope you guys enjoyed this and are having a great week so far. I’m so excited to share all the new things I’m working on with you. Thank you guys so much for following along this journey. It makes me so happy to be able to stay at home with my babies and do something that doesn’t feel like “work.” Xoxo