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It’s Fit Friday guys and even though I have a lot of work to do at the moment, at least I was pretty hardcore in fitness pre-Charlie. One of my best friends, Anne, is a trainer at Studio Novo and Barry’s Bootcamp (which I will be discussing in a few weeks.) I was her first client ever about 4.5 years ago after my first baby and she whipped me in shape. If you live in Nashville you HAVE to go to one of her classes. This week I have asked her to do a guest posting about Lagree Fitness and then next week I will be discussing my experience with it. Keep reading to get a little insight from a Lagree fitness machine… look at her bod, you’ll get what I mean. Plus she has embarked on a fitness blog and I’m so excited to see all the things she has in store and you can bet on many more collaborations between us.

Also at the end I’ll be touching on a 30 day ab challenge I’m doing with a few other amazing bloggers.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

Created by Sebastian Lagree in LA over a decade ago, Lagree Fitness is a patented method labeled by experts as one of the most innovative concepts in the fitness world today. Celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Michelle Obama swear by the Lagree Fitness workout. I found this method to be extremely effective in keeping me in shape as I was a NFL Cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans.

Combining the five elements of fitness – Cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility –  with resistance training, the results are seen much faster which less impact on your joints by targeting your slow twitch muscle fibers through continuous tension on a megareformer. People often think they are walking into Pilates. However, it’s not Pilates at all. It’s Lagree – one of the most revolutionary workouts that has ever been developed.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

lagree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.

In 2014, having battled numerous injuries over the past five years I was looking for a low impact workout which could deliver results in a powerful way. This is when I found Lagree Fitness.

Lagree Fitness is one of the only methods I have found which truly makes you feel stronger from the inside out. There is no other type of method in the fitness world which delivers the same core work as Lagree.

In Nashville, you can find the Lagree Fitness method only taught at Studio Novo Nashville and Studio Novo Cool Springs. When you come to class, expect a 50 minute full body class with a Lagree certified instructor who designs their own class.

Not only am I a certified personal trainer, but I teach the Lagree Method as well. You can check out my classes on Mondays at Studio Novo Cool Springs at 9:30am + 12pm and Studio Novo Nashville on Thursday at 5:30pm. Your first class is free. For best results, I would encourage you to attend 3 times a week.

For more information, you can check out and as well as my website



As I told you guys on the previous Fit Friday posts, I am trying to connect with you guys not only so we can motivate each other but also so I can hold myself accountable. With that being said I am teaming up with these 4 beauties below (check out their blog sites too!!! They’re amazing, you won’t regret it) to do a 30 day Ab Challenge. I am starting today and I really hope you guys can start and finish with us! Keep following each week. Xo.

agree fitness. 30 day ab challenge. core workouts. post partum fitness.


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