Date Night Look: Wavy Hair & Florals

Floral dress, spring looks, date night outfits, crimpy hair, wavy hair, 3 barrel curling iron Floral dress, spring looks, date night outfits, crimpy hair, wavy hair, 3 barrel curling iron Floral dress, spring looks, date night outfits, crimpy hair, wavy hair, 3 barrel curling iron Floral dress, spring looks, date night outfits, crimpy hair, wavy hair, 3 barrel curling iron Floral dress, spring looks, date night outfits, crimpy hair, wavy hair, 3 barrel curling iron Floral dress, spring looks, date night outfits, crimpy hair, wavy hair, 3 barrel curling iron Floral dress, spring looks, date night outfits, crimpy hair, wavy hair, 3 barrel curling iron

Floral Dress

Trench Coat 

Lipstick // Kat Von D 

Wavy Hair // Deep Waver 

Photos // Elizabeth Looney

Ok let’s talk about something that is extremely important for your relationship, your marriage. Date night. If you can swing it my personal advice is to try for at least 2 a month. I also try to make date nights at home after the kids go to bed but let’s be honest, you’re probably gonna end up in your sweatpants and a messy bun. You deserve to get dolled up and feel pretty. There’s something about getting ready for a night out (even if it’s just dinner) that makes you feel like a human.

It’s so easy to lose yourself in a relationship and get in a rut of Netflix and take out. Add kids to the mix and it gets even worse. You get so caught up taking care of your family, you no longer concentrate on yourself. I feel so bad for my husband when he comes home because he gets greeted at the door with yoga pants, a baseball hat and gets handed a child.

So with that being said, I’m sharing a date night look for you (details above) that’s super easy. All I did here was put on light makeup with a statement lip, put on a sexy fitted dress (under $25) and crimp my hair with this 3 barrel iron. I also had this trench, which was by the way under $25, to throw on if it got cold out. It’s so easy to style your hair like this to make it wavy hair. It’s supposed to be messy so you can do thick pieces of hair and also just a little to make it uneven. I finish with hairspray and texture spray.

Hope you guys enjoy this easy date night look & wavy hair and make a reservation ASAP.



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How To Find The Best Workout Apparel

It’s Friday which means it’s time to update you guys on my weekly fitness and health venture. Why is it so freaking hard to get back in a groove? No joke my arms are so sore I feel like I have the flu after working out this week. Speaking of working out, I did manage to only work out twice this week but for the most part I did well with my diet. If you disregard that hamburger and fries with Keatyn one night. It was a cheat night haha

Tonight I food prepped for the next few days. I plan on sharing some food prep ideas for you guys next Friday. It’ll have a ton of great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you guys have any specific request please let me know beforehand.

Ok my update: well i lost a few lbs 3 weeks or so ago BUT i have gained it back. It is seriously such a struggle to keep on track. I get so down on myself. It’s so hard to look at my body in the mirror right now. I just want it to look like it did pre-pregnancy. I still look 3 months pregnant. It’s insane the damage pregnancy can do to your self-esteem. Something so beautiful can also cause so much insecurity.


Soooo…on to workout clothing. Since I practically live in yoga pants and athleisure wear, I find myself quite the expert on all the different types and lines of clothing. For the most part I wear yoga leggings but I also branch out at times. For classes like yoga and barre, I prefer either yoga leggings or yoga shorts so I have the flexibility but they don’t stick to me if that makes sense. For high intensity workouts I prefer capri leggings because long ones are too hot but shorts make me irritated when I run. I am linking my favorite brands and places to buy below:



Lululemon $80-$110

Carbon 38 $90-$110

Free People $80-100

Terez $80-100


TJ MAXX $20-50

Old Navy Typically $15-30

90 Degree by Reflex $15-50

Fabletics $40-60

Cotton on Body $25-30

Betsy Johnson 


Hope you guys are getting your workouts on better than me right now. Xo.


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6 Buzzed About Skin Care Products That You NEED Right Now

First things first let’s talk about the fact that I’m no longer breastfeeding and can actually do some stuff to my skin. I just had to share that with you guys because that’s the only positive thing about it right now. I felt so disgusting for so long because my skin was so gross and cruddy. I absolutely love trying and playing with different products. So I’ve tried and rounded up some products that are HOT right now that actually live up to the hype.

  1. Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial

skin care faves, how to get beautiful skin, top skincare needs

The other day I went to Sephora to use my VIB discount code. I asked the girl what is new and what should I try? She asked if I liked skin care. DUHHHH I live for skin care. So she starts telling me about this Drunk Elephant TLC facial. She pulls another associate over and they both start raving over it. Then I go to the from to pay and the clerk pulls it out of my bag and says “This stuff is amazing.” Ok ok I get it, I’m sold. I’ll admit it tingles a bit when you first put it on but that strangely tells me it’s working. My skin looked so fresh and amazing and I’ve only tried it once. I can’t imagine what it will look like when I used it weekly. I do use retinol throughout the week and you are definitely not supposed to pair them together. So now for example I’ll have to use retinol on Sunday, the baby facial Wednesday and retinol again on Sunday or vice versa. This stuff is the bomb and well worth the $80 price tag. It’s a luxurious facial at home and let’s face it, spa facials cost way more.

2. Kate Sommerville Eradikate

I have been using this product for about 8.5 years when it wasn’t even in stores yet and you could only get it in LA. I remember buying it in the actual Kate Sommerville store in LA about 9 summers ago. I’ve been hooked since. Anytime I get a zit, I put a little Eradikate acne treatment on it overnight and when I wake up it has reduced the inflammation so much. It’s a lifesaver, especially with cystic acne.  The Eradikate mask is also amazing for taming any hormonal flare ups. If you have any type of acne issues you need to try this.

3. IS Clinical Anything

I have fallen in love with my IS Clinical products. I do love Skin Ceuticals but oh my goodness I am obsessed with these products. Plus they’re safe for pregnancy and breast-feeding. So currently I am using their eye cream, hydra cool serum, active serum, pro heal serum, cleansing complex and youth intensive cream. I haven’t tried the shield balm but my friend Jessica raves about it. I had so many compliments on my skin tonight at an event. The only change I have made is switching to these products. My skin is also very well hydrated now. I use the eye cream at night and in the morning and the pro heal serum in the morning and the active serum at night. Also right before I put makeup on (which is rare) I put on the hydra cool serum to give me a good glow. I also use their spf moisturizer. Just call me an IS girl over here. I know some of you are gonna complain about pricing but hear me out. How much will you spend on botox or filler in your future when you’re older? Isn’t it better to be preventive now? Plus good health skin doesn’t have a price tag to me. I love taking care of my skin and looking youthful. If you take care of, it will age beautifully. Feel free to message me privately for questions.

4. Micellar Water

I’ve talked about Micellar water before so I’ll keep this short. It is an amazing product to supplement with after washing your makeup off at night. It gets all of the leftover dirt and grime but it’s gentle on your skin and doesn’t strip it. Bioderma micellar water wipes away makeup extremely easily and your skin doesn’t feel dry nor oily in the least after applied.

5. Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion

How cool is this at home microdermabrasion machine? I have been getting microdermabrasions for about 10 years now off and on and it’s one of the main things that truly helps my face. I have a patch of skin on my cheek that bugs me so bad and if I could only be diligent about my microderms I know I could dramatically reduce it. But who has $150 to drop per treatment? Not me. I’m obsessed with my Trophy Skin Micro machine. It basically pays for itself after 2 treatments. It can fade freckles, reduce acne/acne scarring, diminish crows feet, and gives an overall glow to your face.

6. Rodan & Fields Lash Booster

Let me start by saying no I do not sell Rodan & Fields and no I am not making money off of this. Now onto the matter at hand. I’ve heard from every single person who has tried this that it is freaking amazing. Even better than Latisse (which btw can change the color of your eye, you can’t use while pregnant and basically gave me brown eyeliner) I just started using this so I can’t personally vouch yet, however the numerous amount of women I know who do use it have eyelashes for days now. My friend Lauren didn’t have a stitch of makeup on the other day and I asked her without even knowing “Do you use lash booster?” and um of course she said yes. Her lashes looked phenomenal and she just started a few weeks ago. If you don’t believe me google the before and after photos. I can’t wait to see what mine look like. Click HERE to buy it. (Again I am not selling, I am just a customer who has seen great results but if you are gonna buy it, there’s your girl.)


Ok there are my current MUST HAVES. Yes all the raves are true. Every single one of these products has 4.5-5 star reviews. That’s impressive. I’ve personally tried them all too so if you have any questions or even suggestions please feel free to reach out to me 🙂 I’ll talk skin care all day. Xoxo

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Fit Friday: Ab Workout

Ok I’m not gonna lie to you guys, this has been one crazy & rough week. I’ve had birthday parties, 2 birthdays, family in town, photo shoots and two events. Now I’m in the car writing this as we drive 5 hours to my hometown. The struggle is real. However this completely proves my point of how busy we tend to get and sweep exercise under the rug. 

This week I’m not proud of the little bit of time I have fit workouts in my schedule. I’m not gonna beat myself up over it though and just start over next week. I do little spurt workouts when I get a few minutes free though. Every little bit helps. Sheeva put together an ab workout for me this week that I wanna share with y’all. Also make sure to do bursts of cardio between sets. (Jumping rope, high knees, mountain climbers etc to get your heart rate up)

Also in the future when we discuss workouts we are going to start doing videos that I’m posting on my YouTube and including on here as well. Next week we are diving into diet too. 
Ab workout:
All you need is a med ball. If you don’t have one, use a weight or plate. Do three sets of 20-25. 

Boat pose legs straight out, (modification- legs 90 degrees), low boat pose – 20 sec each 

Russian twists with med ball of weight. Must TOUCH ball on each side. Hold for 2 seconds and go to the other side 

Plank ups

Side planks with dips 

Ball toss or ball slams (adds cardio but also works on abs)

Around the world with medicine ball. -arms straight make a circle -ads arms into it. -do side to sides with the ball or weight too

Spiders – in Plank position bring knee to shoulder. Do one side then other side. That is one. Hold for more strength. Go faster for cardio. 

Cork screw- legs are straight up. Lay on your back. Bring hips up and move your legs up towards the left. Back down then towards the right 

Check out next week for some more detailed plans discussing workouts and diet. Xoxo.

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Kid Approved Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is one of my favorite holidays with children my home. I love all the bright colors, easter egg hunts and the thrill of the goodies the Easter bunny brings. I love going to church and talking about Jesus to my babies. The one part that bugs me as a parent is how most of what is marketed for Easter basket is sugar and candy. If your kids are anything like mine that makes you cringe. My daughter is a straight up sugar addict and I’ve been drastically trying to cut back for her. I mean she gets it honestly, I struggle daily on my addiction. This year I decided forget the candy filled easter baskets that go to waste. I’m doing something different this year. So I filled it… I mean the Easter bunny filled it with toys and things they need.

First off this year I used Pehr Design’s Pom “easter baskets” because it’s much more functional for regular use plus they are so cute as easter baskets. After we are done with Easter I can use them for storage in their rooms since I got them to match their bedrooms. Diving into Keatyn’s a little bit. Clearly you see I have to include troll blind bags. She has an obsession. Also my kid absolutely loves bath bombs. Seriously a kid after my heart. She must have seen me too many times because she wants a glass of sparkling juice, candles and a bath bomb when she bathes. Hahaha I’m not even kidding y’all. Anyway, I found this AMAZING store on Etsy who makes the most luxurious bath bombs but also they have surprise toys inside! I mean seriously what kid wouldn’t want these?! Plus they’re cheaper than Lush. I’m smitten from here on out. I want adult bath bombs with surprises in them.

I also got her a tool set from Baby Cubby because she always pretends to fix things around the house. She must have her daddy’s engineer brain. They also had these cool functional cups that hang on your fridge. I get so tired of finding cups all over our house.

This owl from Pawd Pets holds our iPad or cell phones for Keatyn with a magnet so she can play with it or watch movies and grip it better. Plus it looks super cute.

Can we talk about how cute this unicorn tumbler is from Twinkle Twinkle Little Jar? There’s a pretty good chance I might steal this from Keatyn. Unicorns and glitter…uh yes.


Here are a few of the things pictured above I got for Charlie:

Ok I’m so excited for the girls to see their Easter baskets, even though Charlie could care less at this point. Minus maybe one candy easter bunny, I think I found some really great candy substitutions. I love supporting all the small shops, so if you’re looking for something out of the box for easter or any holidays, check them out. Hope you guys are having a fabulous week! Xo



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Fit Friday: Home Workouts

home workouts, workouts for busy moms, workouts you can do at home, post partum fitness


Before I found I was pregnant last April I had finally obtained the toned bod I had been working so hard for. It took months of hard work. I remember looking in the mirror once and seeing how muscular and toned my booty was, that I snapped a photo. I definitely do not feel that way anymore. I feel shame, insecurity and guilt. At first, my gym time slowly tapered off because I was so ill with my second pregnancy. Then I would skip weeks at a time. When my sickness started to ease off a bit, I asked my doctor if I could resume my crazy workouts to which she replied, “No you’ve taken too much time off, you can lift light weights and walk”

I felt defeated but still managed to go walk every now and then and lift light weights. The more time went on, I went to the gym less and less. I found myself making excuses. I ate like crap and honestly I’m not sure how I didn’t gain more weight than I did. After Charlie was born, I saw that I continued to make excuses about not getting fit again. So a couple of weeks ago, like I told you guys before, I made a vow to get back to where I was. I knew if I made a commitment publicly that I had no choice but to follow. I’m going to be honest and say it’s been a struggle. I still find myself making excuses and sneaking chocolate. It’s hard to reset your body and mind. This past week I do a few exercises right before I go to bed. I wanted to share one of my leg/butt at home workouts for you guys that Sheeva and I have integrated into my routine. Even if you can dedicate 20 minutes it helps.When I cook dinner, I dance. When I’m brushing my teeth I do kickbacks. When I shower or change my baby’s diaper I do deep squats. Nowhere near like I did pre-baby but anything helps.

Things you need:

1 Resistance Band

2 Dumb bells

Ankle Weights

Do each exercise for one minute. In between each set, do 30 seconds of cardio to get your heart rate up. (High knees, Running stairs, Jumping lunges, Jump rope etc.) Rest for 15 seconds.

  • Lunge walks with weights
  • Lunge walks with bands
  • Side lunges
  • Wall sits
  • Squat pulse
  • Glute Bridges with ankle weights (one leg at a time on stairs or a step)
  • Toe thumb squats
  • Calf raises with weights
  • Kickbacks with bands (donkey kicks)
  • Side raises with bands (Lift leg with band around ankles)

Side note: TJ Maxx has really really good pricing on exercise equipment. That’s where I get majority of mine. The more I get back in the game working out etc., I will share more of my daily routine with eating and working out. Hope you guys enjoy. Xoxo


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Zappos Roadshow Recap

This post is sponsored by Zappos but as always all opinions are my own 🙂

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos


zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

I hope you guys had a solid weekend. Did you do anything fun?

I finally got out of the house since my mother in law was in town to watch the kids and I dragged my hubby to the Zappos Friends With Benefits Roadshow in downtown Nashville. It was such a wonderful event. We had so much fun. I met up with a fellow blogger and we stuffed our faces with complimentary Grilled Cheeserie. Everyone in Nash knows how amazing Grilled Cheeserie is. I’ll blow my diet for that any day. There were giant unicorn and pizza floats around everywhere to lay on and believe me I did. They also had a live band that simply blew me away. You can see from my photos how much fun it was. I’m sad I missed free pet adoptions, I really wanted to snuggle some puppies.

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos



I recently ordered some shoes from Zappos and I couldn’t be happier about the ease of the purchase. I bought my little one some of the popular Sketchers Twinkle Toes for her upcoming Troll themed 5th birthday party and the excitement on her face was priceless. The shopping process was a breeze and I signed up for the Zappos Reward Program to earn points toward future purchases. With Zappos Reward Program you get 10 points for every $1 spent. If you log in anywhere (mobile, web etc) you can earn 50 points and if you leave a review you can earn 100 points. On top of all that goodness, you also get free expedited shipping and early access to sales.

On top of having the best prices, Zappos also has a 365 day return policy, free returns and 24 hour customer service. I went a tad overboard as usual when I was shopping on their site and ordered 4 pairs of shoes. My pink Sam Edelman heels are my absolute favorites, I’ve seen these everywhere but couldn’t quite bite the bullet but Zappos low pricing definitely helped seal the deal. I also got a couple cute pairs of flat sandals for spring. The Jessica Simpson black fringe sandals and the Dolce Vita lace up nude sandals are the most charming additions for my spring wardrobe and I know all my friends are gonna be asking to borrow them. ( I see you guys)

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

zappos event, friends with benefits roadshow, how to style with zappos

I hope as always you guys enjoy witnessing my shopping addiction 😉 I know you guys love a good deal as much as I do, and if you’re looking for some sweet deals on apparel, shoes, etc don’t forget to check out Zappos and sign up for their reward program.

Also, you can now go online to vote for the next city to be featured for the Zappos Road Show.

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Fit Friday Series: Starting Over

fit friday, getting fit after baby, clean eating, how to get pre-baby body back

Ok it’s about to get real y’all. I made a conscious decision last week to start this week fresh and get my pre-baby body back. I know it’s gonna take work and I’m determined to get my mind right. I was in health kick overdrive before I found out I was pregnant and maybe a few months in I continued that same good behavior. I was extremely ill during the majority of this pregnancy but I still managed to make it to the gym at least a couple of times a week and walk on incline and lift light weights…. then I tapered off. Sadly, I haven’t started back. Until now anyway. So I fully intended to start full force on Sunday and I did eat very well on Sunday. However, I get hit with a nasty stomach virus Monday morning and I still haven’t recovered so I haven’t been able to kick it in high gear yet. Starting today though I will be adding in my new way of life: exercise, clean eating, supplements, etc. I’m really excited to start this journey back to my cellulite free body. I can’t do this alone so I’m teaming up with my good friend and a bad ass trainer Sheeva Rouhanifard, one of the owners of Title Boxing in Green Hills and Cool Springs. We are starting this weekly series to help not only myself gain confidence by living a healthy life but to inspire others to take this same journey.

So how do you start?

Sheeva and I sat down and discussed my goals: eating cleaner, being stronger again, leaning out and toning up among other things. We took my measurements which I’m gonna share my progress with you guys weekly.

Waist: 30

Arm: 9

Hips: 37.5

Thigh: 20.5

The hardest part for me as a busy mother are A.) Finding time to workout B.) Clean Eating. Now I eat fairly healthy for the most part. I don’t eat fast food and pizza every day but I am not a woman with willpower when it comes to sweets and my favorite foods. I’m that person that will say “I’ve eaten so healthy today so I can indulge.” That’s fine when it’s maybe one day a week but when it’s every single night when your favorite shows are on, it becomes a problem. And that problem costs you your waistline. Just like Sheeva and I discussed, one of my main issues is gonna be me getting my eating under control. I’ll touch more on that later, but we have some awesome things to share on that later on. Since I’ve been sick, I haven’t been eating much the past few days so I haven’t been able to start. To start out each day I plan on making a smoothie or a protein shake. I’m excited to share my favorite products and recipes with you guys. Ideally I’m motivated by convenient and easy meals and snacks for us busy women because especially since I’m a mom to a new baby, I literally don’t have a free moment. I’m always trying to cram everything in.

I’m on a mission to find the best meal replacements, meal prep ideas and wellness bars and excited to show you guys my thoughts. I’m starting on LifeVantage this weekend and I’m very hopeful it will give me everything I need. 

If y’all have any food prep ideas or recommendations, meal replacements etc please let me know. Xoxo.

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Rock The South With Grogan’s Jewelers By Lon

I’m a born and raised southern girl. I love sweet tea, I say y’all, I love the SEC and country music. It just makes sense that I moved to Nashville, the capital of Tennessee and the heart of country music. I love Music City. We are such a supportive city of all things in the music industry. Most of the companies in the Nashville area proudly sponsor the creativity of our fellow Nashville artists.
With that being said, one of my favorite jewelry stores in the Nashville area, Grogan’s Jewelers by Lon, has partnered with Rock the South for the Rock The Proposal Giveaway. If you purchase an engagement ring from Grogan’s Jewelers by Lon at any of their 3 locations (Huntsville, AL, Florence, AL or our local store in Franklin, TN) you will be entered in a drawing for Rock The South tickets on June 2 & 3 in Cullman, AL and ALSO a chance to propose on stage on June 3rd, when Luke Bryan performs.
Bonus announcement: Grogan’s is having their largest Bridal Show of the Year next weekend March 30 – April 2nd. There will be hundreds of exclusive engagement rings in their store.
  Some of the nations top engagement ring designers will have reps in each location. Along with many more elaborate styles.
  • Cool Springs:  Benchmark and Uneek
  • Huntsville: Frederick Goldman and Artcarved
  • Florence: LaVie and Stuller
The Bridal Show is their biggest event of the year, it’s only for a limited time and the SPECIAL pricing is only on engagement rings and wedding bands. On top of that, if you purchase this weekend, not only are you entered into the Rock The Proposal Giveaway but…….
you also get a $500 gift card for Luis Quintana’s Wedding Videography packages.  He was just featured on Martha Stewart’s Luis is one of the nation’s prime wedding videographers and has been selected by Grogans as a Diamond Partner. He has agreed to an exclusive $500 discount off of any of his wedding packages for your approaching wedding.
I have had the opportunity to research Grogan’s Jewelry by Lon when I worked on the Nashville Lifestyle’s Most Beautiful People event. Grogan’s has one of the best warranties in the business and it’s FREE with purchase. I know first hand most warranties cost you a pretty penny. Most other jewelry stores charge for their warranty. Grogan’s Jewelry by Lon offers 18 months interest-free financing with no money down (upon approved credit.) As an added bonus, they have an onsite jeweler who can usually make all your repairs and sizing needs happen the same day.
Grogan’s Bridal Show is March 30th – April 2nd and is the last chance to receive Special Discounted and Bundle Pricing. For more information click HERE.
So check it out and look for my YouTube video coming next week regarding my experience shopping there to replace my stolen wedding band. Please message me with any questions. Xoxo.
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A Few Tips To Ease Stress For Mommas

You guys know by now that I have a new baby and an almost 5 year old. If you have children too then you definitely feel my struggles of not having a moment to yourself or finding time to relax. As mothers and also just as women, we need to find the time to relax and enjoy the little pleasures in life. I know it’s hard to do because we always feel the need to get all the things done around our house etc. It’s especially hard when you’re a type-A person and just can’t learn to sit still. You HAVE to make time for you to do not only things that you enjoy but also activities that help put your mind at ease.

A few of my tricks I’ve learned to help put my mom brain at ease:


Read a good therapeutic book. I’m personally loving Hustle and Heart.” I’m joining up with Kail Lowry for her Virtual Book Tour in honor of her new book. Also, if you’re in the Baltimore area, you can meet Kail in person at her book signing March 25th at noon at John Hopkins University Barnes and Noble. Make sure you visit these other awesome posts from this virtual blog tour that are listed below. Kail discusses her life struggles growing up and as a mom. Her book is full of “motivational messages, personal advice and relatable experiences for those making their way through life’s challenging mix of joy and hardship.” Sometimes, you just need to know you’re not alone. It’s inspiring to read similar struggles of others to really process life. Check it out mommas.

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Sweat It Out.

Go to a sauna, steam room or a Sweat House. The steam room or sauna always helps to clear my head. Sweating out the toxins gives you a profound sense of relaxation/release as your entire body starts to eliminate irritability along with helping your cramped muscles and nerves begin to dissipate. The far infrared sauna helps to reduce physical stress by boosting blood circulation. I personally love the Sweat House in Green Hills. I have never left there feeling less than extraordinary. If you live in the Nashville area and you haven’t been…do yourself a favor and GO!


Touching on the sweat it out… go to the gym. I know personally that running to the gym is my favorite way to decompress. Whether it be going for a run, hitting up a yoga class or boxing it out. All of these things increase your endorphins and help you release all of your built up tension. Exercise is not only good for your mind, it’s clearly good for your body so it’s a win win situation. Earn that summer bod. Also you better believe you’re gonna sleep like a champ. Exercise helps with concentration and anxiety so it is good for us ladies since we tend to stress a lot more than men.


Have a glass of wine and watch a new show on Netflix or a movie. I seriously look forward to my nightly glass of wine so I can wind down from my day. I put my kids to bed around 8, pour myself a glass of wine (actually I kindly ask my hubby to do so) and kick my feet up to watch my “shows.” Tonight it was Walking Dead and Big Little Lies. I sometimes think of all of the things I could get accomplished and I would be lying if I said I didn’t do the occasional load of laundry, dishes and food prep. (I told you I can’t sit still very well) However, I cherish that glass of wine every night, it has became like a savior to me. Oh and my tv shows, I’m an addict. I won’t quit them. Ever.

Bubble Bath.

Oh bubble baths…how I love thee. Actually I had one today for the first time in forever. Bubbles, epsom salt and champagne. I was in a state of euphoric bliss until my 4 year old walked in and started throwing toys in my bathtub wanting to play. With that being said, maybe wait until the kids go to bed. Have a glass of bubbly and light some candles. Here are my favorite bubble bath (so elegant) and candles.

Vitamin D

Get your booty outside. Speaking from someone who suffers from not only anxiety, but from a vitamin D deficiency, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s highly beneficial to your health to get some sun in your life. Don’t just trust me though, it’s medically proven y’all. Just make sure you wear sunscreen because no one has time for those pesky wrinkles. No sir.

Time With Your Girlfriends

Make time for your friends. I know what you’ll say because I say it too. “I’m tired or I don’t wanna get ready” Suck it up buttercup. You’ve been around tiny life sucking humans all day. I know you’re craving adult interaction like no other. So give the mail lady a break. You deserve a decent conversation and some grub, a movie or drinks with your girls. I have two kids, one is only 3 months old and I have already had like 4 girl nights. That’s unheard of I know, but you have to make time. You’ll thank me. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house, put some makeup on and feel human again.

Date Night Out

Ok my last piece of advice is this: Go on a date with your husband/boyfriend. You HAVE to make time in your relationship after kids otherwise you’ll be like ghosts to each other. Passing each other in the halls, working on your computers at night side by side. I pretty much just explained my hubs and I day to day with our new baby but even then we dedicate time to each other by going on a date at least every 2-3 weeks. It’s a necessity. Get out of the house in your fancy new dress and remember why you made those babies to begin with. Love. Sometimes a night out with your partner can be all you need to forget the worries of the world.

I hope this gave you some ideas or at least helped you see most of us moms are a complete mess that need a mental time out here and there. Check out Kail’s book and also the great pages listed above. Xoxo.


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