Baby Cubby Review: Nashville Wifestyles

Disclosure: I was gifted product by Baby Cubby but this post contains my honest opinions written by me.

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I know I just had a baby less than 5 years ago so I should’ve been more prepared than this but the truth is that things have changed so much since then. There are so many more advanced baby products out there that mine just don’t cut it for me, I came across Baby Cubby on a fellow blogger’s social media and was instantly impressed. They don’t just sell any old product on their website, they truly have to believe in the product. They have also fully researched the products they carry plus they price match. I was sold, especially on their organic brands.

The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who find the best and safest baby gear and even do amazing things for you like test strollers on their stroller track, they price match every day against any company, and also offer free shipping over any order totaling over $49. Their team also actively engage with parents via social media and the Baby Cubby Blog to discuss some of those hard topics of parenting.
Here is what I ordered on my first go round


They carry top of the line products like The Owlet. The owlet is a sock monitor that stays up all night to monitor your child’s oxygen level and heart rate so you don’t have to. It will alert you when your baby’s oxygen level and or heart rate drop below normal ensuring that you can reach the child in more than enough time needed. I am obsessed with this product and will be writing a review on it after the baby is born. I did not buy this from Baby Cubby, but only because I already had one.



These Little Unicorn products are amazing too. The muslin swaddle blanket and crib sheet are two of my favorites.

Also, they are having their Cyber Monday sale and you can get 15% off with code CYBERMONDAY15! Enjoy loves. Xoxo.


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