Bohemian Mama Gift Card Giveaway

It’s Thursday and I’m officially 6 weeks out from my due date. My baby bump is consistently growing and I’m venturing into the world of maternity wear, along with regular clothing. I’ve been researching places that sell maternity clothes that actually fit in with my style. It’s been few and far between, I’m gonna be honest.

So I stumbled upon Bohemian Mama on Instagram and I love how their clothing fits in with my style. Ps. they also sell non maternity and children stuff. I picked up a pretty awesome pair of sunnies for my baby girl I can’t wait to show you guys on Instagram this week. I loved this top because you seriously can’t even tell I’m pregnant when I wear it. Plus I can continue to wear it post pregnancy. I have absolutely worn it out, it’s one of my favorite shirts.

Even better news for you guys…Bohemian Mama and I are collaborating for a gift card GIVEAWAY for you guys! All you have to do is head over to my Instagram Monday morning for more details. In the meantime like my Facebook page and Bohemian Mama’s Facebook in addition to following us both on twitter, Nashwifestyles and Bohemian MamaAnd don’t forget to check out my Instagram Monday morning for the final step. So excited for you guys to see their amazing inventory. 


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