Can’t Help Myself, I’m Swooning Over This Cactus Shirt


Shirt: ROMWE  ||  Purse & Boots: CHARMING CHARLIE  ||  Choker: ETTIKA

How is it only Tuesday and I already feel stressed from the week? I swear the stress is on for these final 6 weeks before Charlie comes. I still have to finish her room, pack my hospital bag, and catch up on all my business stuff before I’m out of commission for a little bit. Today my girl Sara King and I filmed an amazing Harley Quinn makeup look for Halloween that will be on my YouTube hopefully tomorrow.

So this cactus shirt… I love it so much. I want to wear it everyday. It is so cute and under $20 so I couldn’t go wrong. You have to check it out along with the items from the store. So cute and inexpensive. I paired it with my favorite Ettika necklace right now. They are doing so many collaborations with Free People, which is great for me because they are two of my favorite brands.

Anyway, this tired pregnant chick is off to edit some videos and go to bed. (ps. did you guys watch Scream Queens or This Is Us tonight?) Both so good, Night loves. Xoxo.

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