Dressing down high waisted pants. Photos by Audrey Darke.


Guys I have been the absolute worst at spitting out blog posts the past few weeks and not for lack of creativity. I had no idea how busy I was gonna be with Keatyn home for the summer. I also think she’s acting out a bit for attention because of Charlie which is understandable. I had plans to write so much this past weekend but I ended up painting and just hanging out with family. This week is my birthday week so I have the full intention of having at least 4 this week for you guys.

I’m a huge advocate for high-waisted anything even though my husband detests it. I figured out the best way of dressing down high-waisted pants to make them versatile. I feel like it does wonders for your waist, elongating your legs and just helps you look overall polished. I found these pants and loved the tie sash. I felt it made them very distinct and polished. The pants are very soft and cling to all the right areas. They’re very complimentary. I paired it with a cute pom hat and a Sage The Label shirt I got from Blush, a local boutique. Chaser Brand tee shirts have a similar vibe and I’m obsessed with them.

I also dressed them up with some 70’s style heels that were so inexpensive. I feel the whole outfit vibed really well together. I loved how the other details of the outfit made the pants more casual. They would look amazing paired with a dressier shirt too so you could even wear them to work or out for cocktails. I’ve linked all outfit details below and also more options of this type of pants. Hope you loves had a great weekend. Xoxo.


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