What Every Mom Wants For Valentine’s Day: Gift Guide

valentine's day gift for mom

Ok first off let me start by saying the best thing a mom can get for Valentine’s Day or any holiday for that matter is a day off from momming. Clean house, clean dishes, clean laundry, kids fed and taken care of, all meals taken care of and a bubble bath with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries wouldn’t hurt. Oh and a massage & spa day. Ok I’m done.

However, IF you wanna get some unique gifts, I’ve got you covered from a mom’s and wife’s standpoint.

We all know mommas love their wine. It’s basically a need along with coffee every day for me and most moms. I’m loving these cute wine glasses, t-shirts and coffee mugs from Banky Girl Creations. I have the “This is my ME time” wine glass and the “Because Kids” coffee mug because well, it’s freaking true. I need coffee because of my children and wine is definitely my me time haha.

I’m not a huge jewelry person but what I do love is personalized jewelry that means something to me. When I heard of Capsul Jewelry and that you can get a necklace or bracelet like THIS, I was sold. So the absolutely cool thing about these necklaces and bracelets is not only that you can customize them to say what you choose, but you can also get in personalized handwriting. I submitted my handwriting to have my name made into a necklace and I can’t wait to see it. I also wanna get my hubs to choose something like I LOVE YOU and put it in his handwriting, I think that would be a very special keepsake. Or even better, if your children can write (mine can’t) then have them do it.

Obsessed with these adorable canvas totes and makeup bags for traveling by Adorn Lee. They have the cutest sayings on them and I carry them everywhere even when I’m not traveling. They have multiple sizes.

These mini druzy studs from Luxa jewelry are staples. You can dress them up or dress them down. I love their boho jewelry.

Mommas love makeup but typically we don’t have time to get all dolled up each day. It’s super easy however to throw on a fun shade of colored lip gloss to give your look a little pow. I’m loving Frankie Rose Cosmetics liquid lipstick. Plus it’s an 8 hour wear because I don’t have time to keep re-applying 😉

In case you don’t get a spa day and even if you do…you definitely need some pampering from Spa Splurge. I personally love their Black Lace Collagen, Gold Collagen Under Eye and Collagen Breast Masks. They are full of anti aging properties and the breast mask is also wonderful for breastfeeding mommas like myself. I can personally attest to the amazing quality of these masks, Simply amazing. My aesthetician recommended them to me and I’m hooked.

What mother doesn’t love pictures of her babies? Of her family? I’m not kidding, I would wallpaper my house in photos if my hubs would let me. I love seeing photos of all the people I love every day. These frames from Framebridge make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. They are such great quality and it’s so easy to just upload your photos directly to their site and have them ship them to you. I bought two regular sized frames (gold and gold bamboo) and two instagram minis and can’t wait to put them up in my living room. I can’t wait to order more when we have family photos done next month. Ohhh don’t forget to use my code NASHWIFE15 for 15% off your first order.

Like I said…I love personalized jewelry. I love that you can put whatever you want on these rings from Shay Designs. (I also love their necklaces) I have two with my daughter’s names on them.

I’m not kidding, I own 4 sweatshirts and 3-4 tees from ILY Couture. They are so soft and so classic. One of my favorite are the Wifey ones even though clearly I love them all. Plus my mom is the best life sweatshirt is on sale!!!

The perfect spa day at home essentials are THIS robe, THESE candles and one of THESE bath bombs. Then shut the door and let her be. These candles are all over my house and smell divine. I can’t get enough.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day my loves! It’s just another day so no pressure but definitely spend it with the ones you love and cherish Xoxo.

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