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Isn’t it crazy how you can completely transition an outfit or look with the right piece of jewelry? It plays such a vital role in enhancing your appearance and exquisiteness as a woman. Just for a moment as silly as it seems, how great it feels when you wear statement jewelry pieces that rack up all the compliments. If we’re being real here, we dress to impress and what better way to make an outfit than with a stunning piece of jewelry. There is such a broad range of jewelry designs that you can dress up or down for every occasion with just the right style of jewelry, anywhere from day time to formal events. So many different designs, materials and trends that fit every budget. I have rounded up some great pieces from one of Nashville’s top jewelers, Grogan’s Jewelers by Lon for y’all. The fall jewelry trends right now are bringing in everything from edgy chokers (which are still trendy thank God) to feminine pearls.

Fall Jewelry Trends

  • Chokers // Chokers are back from the 90’s and this girl is soooo excited. I wear chokers nonstop. Not only are those types back in style but now they’re back in new designs and materials. Anywhere from gold, feathered, lace, to statement chokers. The one below is by Royal Chain Group. You can’t go wrong in this style.

Royal Chain Group

  • Pendants // Move over delicate pendants and say hello to the statement pendants. It’s their time to shine. I love the delicate ones too, don’t get me wrong but the statement ones catch the eye so much more. There are so many cute designs like the pave and celestial one above. (All images are clickable) You can also layer the pendant necklaces with chokers.


  • Tassels // Tassels! When tassels came in last year, I became so obsessed. It’s such a fashionable and playful take on jewelry that gives it so much spark. I love it the most on earrings but also on necklaces. Tassels are everywhere, even on bags and clothing now. I’m telling you, this trend is going nowhere any time soon.

Royal Chain Group

  • Pearls // Pearls are so precious and feminine but the are multiple takes on this trend. Statement pearls are also popular. I love the iridescence beauty of pearls so much (I even put it on my face with highlight).


  • Cuffs // Who is down for an arm party? I know I am. I have never been huge on bracelets, but I’m loving the cuff trend. Give me a big, chunky bracelet and I’m set for a night on the town. One thing is for sure on the bracelet trend, lightness and easiness are not in the future for the season to come.
  • Symbols // Chunky medallions with different symbols and animals etc are all the rage. I love it paired with a biker jacket. My top two faves are the eye symbol, wolf, tiger and snake.
  • Hoops // I remember in high school when hoops were all I wore for earrings. Then sadly, they went out of style. My younger self is happy because they’re back! And the bigger & chunkier, the better. Embellished hoops are also popular right now.
  • Gemstones // Bright and colorful gemstones are always popular. Metallics, blush pink, green, turquoise and even dark stones are also making an entrance this year. See the Grogan’s Gemstone Guide HERE.


  • Rings // Rings! All of them, pile them on. Multiple rings are now trending. Anywhere from stackables on one finger to statement chunky stones on the others. This is a HUGE trend right now, so if you’re one of the girls who likes to pile on rings, here is your moment girlfriend. Even all five fingers isn’t too much right now. Rings can be small or large and any color combination.

I hope you guys enjoyed my fall jewelry trends round up. If you’re looking for some amazing fine and casual jewelry pricing then check out Grogan’s Jewelers by Lon either online or most importantly the Cool Springs mall if you’re in the Nashville area. They have an amazing warranty like I’ve mentioned before. “We will replace any diamond, which in normal use chips, cracks, or separates from its mounting and is lost, with a diamond of equal retail value for the purchaser’s lifetime, provided the diamond and mounting have been cleaned and checked at least every four months and that such inspection has been verified in writing in the space provided on the Lifetime Warranty and Registration Certificate by an authorized representative of the store.”



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