It’s National dad’s day…ok call it Father’s Day if you want. Hey I’m not sure about you but my dad and my husband surely deserve the best I can give them. Also even though he’s not my dad, my father in law is one of the best dad’s I’ve ever seen. He has helped us so much and I’m eternally grateful. Since it’s Father’s Day and all, I’m gonna share a couple personal stories with you to celebrate the two dads in my life and also Father’s Day gifts every dad wants.

My husband. Man he’s my rock. I know it sounds cheesy when people call their significant other their best friend, but it’s seriously the truth. Before we ever even dated, we truly were great friends. He’s living proof you should marry your best friend. I’m not gonna touch too much on that because our anniversary is coming up and I wanna give him all his husband dues then. So I’ll tell you a few reasons why he’s the best dad.

Matt is the dad every little girl wishes she had. Our daughters get his full attention when he’s not working. He’s never too busy for them and he’s always hands on. He stayed up with Charlie and Keatyn as newborns and has had more than his fair share of crying nights and diaper changes. That’s a real dad. Someone who gets his hands dirty but also sits in the floor playing tea parties and dolls. Seeing him with our girls makes me swoon even more than I already do. He takes pride in being a good father and I respect that more than anything.

My dad. He was always so strict with me growing up but all out of love. My parents divorced when I was not even quite a toddler. Every moment spent with him as a child was full of fun and laughter. I missed him terribly each time I had to leave. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. I have lived my life just wanting to make him proud. Now seeing him with his grand children shows a side to my dad I’ve never seen. He loved me so much and I always knew that but he had to be tough because he was the father. With my girls, he can relax and be himself. He loves those girls and it shines for everyone to see. I love seeing him with them.

Now that I’ve shared a little bit about my top two dads, I have rounded up some really solid gifts the Dad in your life is going to love.

Minted has some amazing Father’s day promotions going on right now. My personal favorites are THIS kid drawing turned to art. I mean how cool would it be to turn your children’s drawing into a piece of art to hang on your wall at your office? I’m also loving THIS framed hand print of your baby’s hands. Such a memorable token and you can keep it forever. Minted has pretty much any Father’s Day gifts every dad wants. I’m actually in the process of picking out a piece of Minted Art for my bedroom wall. (Sharing that soon too!)

I love supporting small business as much as I can. One of Matt’s favorite presents I have ever given him is a bar necklace with our daughters name and birthdate on it. (I told you he is a great dad!)So now Charlie is here and I’m getting him a new one with both girls. I thought THIS money clip is hilarious too, and so true. If you’re looking for stellar quality personalized gifts, you definitely need to check out Her Silver Lining and support wonderful, small businesses. I have ordered 3 necklaces for myself and daughters as well and am absolutely in love.

My husband has a killer style when he dresses up. One thing he loves to have on point is his shoes. I can’t decide whether or not to get him a pair of dress shoes (I love a good wing tip and these are on sale!) or casual daily shoes. No matter which one you’re debating on, I am sharing two of my favorites with you. Johnston & Murphy also has great quality for a reasonable price point.

My husband travels a lot for his start-up and I’m pretty sure he has had the exact same toiletry bag since we’ve been dating. It’s definitely time to upgrade that. We are in our 30’s now. I am loving these toiletry bags from Dagne Dover, plus they have great bags of all assortments for women. At least now I know he will travel in style. This carry all is perfect for his quick 1-2 day trips.

My husband has a love/hate relationship with grilling. Especially depending on the weather but we love that grilled food feel to our food. This indoor grill is perfect for the guy who can still feel manly working the grill but can move it inside if need be. Plus clean up is a cinch. You don’t have to scrub the grill, it’s dishwasher friendly, just pop off the parts. Bonus: It’s under $60.

My husband is a sports fanatic, as I’m sure most men are. Currently, the Nashville Preds are going into the 5th game of the Stanley Cup and he’s wild with team spirit. There’s nothing wrong with bandwagon fans but he’s the furthest thing from it. He’s been supporting our boys since they came to Nashville. I found THIS rustic sign at Score Art and knew he needed it for his man room. I also got him a Vandy one because I simply can’t beat their prices.

My husband said the other day that he needed a nice hotel robe and I laughed thinking of the visual image. The brother from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that walks around in his robe. Not that I could blame him, this things are comfy as heck. So I found THIS comfy 5 star rated robe on sale for less than $60. I’m so excited to give it to him so he can lounge around and feel like he’s on vacation.

So happy Father’s Day to all you guys out there showing the rest of the men how to do it right! If you’re active in your child’s life, I commend you. Hope you guys like some of these Father’s Day gifts every dad wants.and get some good ideas from it. Make sure to check them out 🙂 If none of these work, golf or sports typically always work 😉 Xoxo.

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