Fit Friday: Ab Workout

Ok I’m not gonna lie to you guys, this has been one crazy & rough week. I’ve had birthday parties, 2 birthdays, family in town, photo shoots and two events. Now I’m in the car writing this as we drive 5 hours to my hometown. The struggle is real. However this completely proves my point of how busy we tend to get and sweep exercise under the rug. 

This week I’m not proud of the little bit of time I have fit workouts in my schedule. I’m not gonna beat myself up over it though and just start over next week. I do little spurt workouts when I get a few minutes free though. Every little bit helps. Sheeva put together an ab workout for me this week that I wanna share with y’all. Also make sure to do bursts of cardio between sets. (Jumping rope, high knees, mountain climbers etc to get your heart rate up)

Also in the future when we discuss workouts we are going to start doing videos that I’m posting on my YouTube and including on here as well. Next week we are diving into diet too. 
Ab workout:
All you need is a med ball. If you don’t have one, use a weight or plate. Do three sets of 20-25. 

Boat pose legs straight out, (modification- legs 90 degrees), low boat pose – 20 sec each 

Russian twists with med ball of weight. Must TOUCH ball on each side. Hold for 2 seconds and go to the other side 

Plank ups

Side planks with dips 

Ball toss or ball slams (adds cardio but also works on abs)

Around the world with medicine ball. -arms straight make a circle -ads arms into it. -do side to sides with the ball or weight too

Spiders – in Plank position bring knee to shoulder. Do one side then other side. That is one. Hold for more strength. Go faster for cardio. 

Cork screw- legs are straight up. Lay on your back. Bring hips up and move your legs up towards the left. Back down then towards the right 

Check out next week for some more detailed plans discussing workouts and diet. Xoxo.

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