Fit Friday: Home Workouts

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Before I found I was pregnant last April I had finally obtained the toned bod I had been working so hard for. It took months of hard work. I remember looking in the mirror once and seeing how muscular and toned my booty was, that I snapped a photo. I definitely do not feel that way anymore. I feel shame, insecurity and guilt. At first, my gym time slowly tapered off because I was so ill with my second pregnancy. Then I would skip weeks at a time. When my sickness started to ease off a bit, I asked my doctor if I could resume my crazy workouts to which she replied, “No you’ve taken too much time off, you can lift light weights and walk”

I felt defeated but still managed to go walk every now and then and lift light weights. The more time went on, I went to the gym less and less. I found myself making excuses. I ate like crap and honestly I’m not sure how I didn’t gain more weight than I did. After Charlie was born, I saw that I continued to make excuses about not getting fit again. So a couple of weeks ago, like I told you guys before, I made a vow to get back to where I was. I knew if I made a commitment publicly that I had no choice but to follow. I’m going to be honest and say it’s been a struggle. I still find myself making excuses and sneaking chocolate. It’s hard to reset your body and mind. This past week I do a few exercises right before I go to bed. I wanted to share one of my leg/buttĀ at home workouts for you guys that Sheeva and I have integrated into my routine. Even if you can dedicate 20 minutes it helps.When I cook dinner, I dance. When I’m brushing my teeth I do kickbacks. When I shower or change my baby’s diaper I do deep squats. Nowhere near like I did pre-baby but anything helps.

Things you need:

1 Resistance Band

2 Dumb bells

Ankle Weights

Do each exercise for one minute. In between each set, do 30 seconds of cardio to get your heart rate up. (High knees, Running stairs, Jumping lunges, Jump rope etc.) Rest for 15 seconds.

  • Lunge walks with weights
  • Lunge walks with bands
  • Side lunges
  • Wall sits
  • Squat pulse
  • Glute Bridges with ankle weights (one leg at a time on stairs or a step)
  • Toe thumb squats
  • Calf raises with weights
  • Kickbacks with bands (donkey kicks)
  • Side raises with bands (Lift leg with band around ankles)

Side note: TJ Maxx has really really good pricing on exercise equipment. That’s where I get majority of mine. The more I get back in the game working out etc., I will share more of my daily routine with eating and working out. Hope you guys enjoy. Xoxo


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