Fit Friday Series: Starting Over

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Ok it’s about to get real y’all. I made a conscious decision last week to start this week fresh and get my pre-baby body back. I know it’s gonna take work and I’m determined to get my mind right. I was in health kick overdrive before I found out I was pregnant and maybe a few months in I continued that same good behavior. I was extremely ill during the majority of this pregnancy but I still managed to make it to the gym at least a couple of times a week and walk on incline and lift light weights…. then I tapered off. Sadly, I haven’t started back. Until now anyway. So I fully intended to start full force on Sunday and I did eat very well on Sunday. However, I get hit with a nasty stomach virus Monday morning and I still haven’t recovered so I haven’t been able to kick it in high gear yet. Starting today though I will be adding in my new way of life: exercise, clean eating, supplements, etc. I’m really excited to start this Fit Friday journey back to my cellulite free body. I can’t do this Fit Friday series alone so I’m teaming up with my good friend and a bad ass trainer Sheeva Rouhanifard, one of the owners of Title Boxing in Green Hills and Cool Springs. We are starting this Fit Friday weekly series to help not only myself gain confidence by living a healthy life but to inspire others to take this same journey.

So how do you start Fit Friday?

Sheeva and I sat down and discussed my goals: eating cleaner, being stronger again, leaning out and toning up among other things. We took my measurements which I’m gonna share my progress with you guys weekly.

Waist: 30

Arm: 9

Hips: 37.5

Thigh: 20.5

The hardest part for me as a busy mother are A.) Finding time to workout B.) Clean Eating. Now I eat fairly healthy for the most part. I don’t eat fast food and pizza every day but I am not a woman with willpower when it comes to sweets and my favorite foods. I’m that person that will say “I’ve eaten so healthy today so I can indulge.” That’s fine when it’s maybe one day a week but when it’s every single night when your favorite shows are on, it becomes a problem. And that problem costs you your waistline. Just like Sheeva and I discussed, one of my main issues is gonna be me getting my eating under control. I’ll touch more on that later, but we have some awesome things to share on that later on. Since I’ve been sick, I haven’t been eating much the past few days so I haven’t been able to start. To start out each day I plan on making a smoothie or a protein shake. I’m excited to share my favorite products and recipes with you guys as part of this Fit Friday series. Ideally I’m motivated by convenient and easy meals and snacks for us busy women because especially since I’m a mom to a new baby, I literally don’t have a free moment. I’m always trying to cram everything in.

I’m on a mission to find the best meal replacements, meal prep ideas and wellness bars and excited to show you guys my thoughts every Fit Friday. I’m starting on LifeVantage this weekend and I’m very hopeful it will give me everything I need. 

If y’all have any food prep ideas or recommendations, meal replacements etc please let me know. Xoxo.

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