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If you haven’t heard of Grace & Lace, you must not be an avid Shark Tank viewer like I am. I just started a partnership with them and thought I would share some lovely photos of an outfit they carry. I will say this tunic is intended to be a shirt but I’m pretty short and it was blazing hot here in Nashville so I just couldn’t stand to wear pants 😉

First off, I had to share with you guys the creator of Grace & Lace, Melissa’s story of starting her company. She has been blowing it up ever since. Her company has since been featured on Shark Tank, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, Cosmopolitan, The Small Business Journal and Forbes just to name a few. Their mission inspires me as a Christian,  A few years ago, they began a partnership with Angel House, where a portion of every sale would go towards building orphanages in India to house 50 orphans each. They were able to build two orphanages in the summer of 2014, taking 100 orphans off the street. They are in works to build 5 more. “For the first time in their lives, these children now have mattresses to sleep on, fresh water to drink, food in their bellies each day, and a school to go to. They have backpacks and school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and bibles, and will now receive a private education. The little girls also have Grace and Lace socks to wear.”

This tunic works best with their lace extenders shown HERE & HERE  but you can also wear it with leggings or jeans. I will post more outfits week from Grace & Lace but I had to share this fall transitional look with you guys. Oh BTW these adorable lace up shoes are on sale for under $100! They are so versatile you can wear them with basically everything. Hope you guys liked this look and PLEASE check out Grace & Lace, get 10% off your first order and support their mission 🙂

Go Back to School with Grace and Lace! Take 20% off Site Wide Using Code: BACK2SCHOOL



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