How To Find The Best Workout Apparel

It’s Friday which means it’s time to update you guys on my weekly fitness and health venture. Why is it so freaking hard to get back in a groove? No joke my arms are so sore I feel like I have the flu after working out this week. Speaking of working out, I did manage to only work out twice this week but for the most part I did well with my diet. If you disregard that hamburger and fries with Keatyn one night. It was a cheat night haha

Tonight I food prepped for the next few days. I plan on sharing some food prep ideas for you guys next Friday. It’ll have a ton of great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you guys have any specific request please let me know beforehand.

Ok my update: well i lost a few lbs 3 weeks or so ago BUT i have gained it back. It is seriously such a struggle to keep on track. I get so down on myself. It’s so hard to look at my body in the mirror right now. I just want it to look like it did pre-pregnancy. I still look 3 months pregnant. It’s insane the damage pregnancy can do to your self-esteem. Something so beautiful can also cause so much insecurity.


Soooo…on to workout clothing. Since I practically live in yoga pants and athleisure wear, I find myself quite the expert on all the different types and lines of clothing. For the most part I wear yoga leggings but I also branch out at times. For classes like yoga and barre, I prefer either yoga leggings or yoga shorts so I have the flexibility but they don’t stick to me if that makes sense. For high intensity workouts I prefer capri leggings because long ones are too hot but shorts make me irritated when I run. I am linking my favorite brands and places to buy below:



Lululemon $80-$110

Carbon 38 $90-$110

Free People $80-100

Terez $80-100


TJ MAXX $20-50

Old Navy Typically $15-30

90 Degree by Reflex $15-50

Fabletics $40-60

Cotton on Body $25-30

Betsy Johnson 


Hope you guys are getting your workouts on better than me right now. Xo.


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