How to make your skin glow in the dry, cold winter…


I must admit when the weather report came out saying we were going to get this epic snow, I was like “yeah ok…not happening.” I fully intended on completing my Friday routine and had my day planned out like the OCD control freak I am. I woke up, looked at my phone first thing (Don’t act like that’s not the first thing you do too) and saw all these posts about snow. I jumped to the window and looked outside screaming “Oh my Gah.” My three year old was so happy. It was all fine and dandy for the first day. We played in the snow all day sledding and throwing snow balls. We organized her new big girl room. We baked. We finished the night watching Disney movies. To be exact, two of my favorites Beauty and the Beast and Finding Nemo. We were both pretty happy with the stellar snow day.

Cut to the next day. Repeat. All of it. It’s pretty easy to develop cabin fever pretty quickly, especially when you have no choice other than to stay at home. I did get a lot finished on Keatyn’s room and can’t wait to share pics of my DIY pieces. Finally today the weather reached about 50 degrees and most of the snow melted. Even the snowman she named…get this “snowman.”

I started to feel down and out because my skin was looking absolutely cruddy. I even considered a chemical peel… I still am whenever I have a week free to hole up. The dry air had its way with my skin and my allergies weren’t helping. I decided to try a couple of my trusty masks to see if it helped. Thankfully, I woke up the next morning with glow skin again.

I love love love THIS product to slough off my dead skin. Dr. Brandt products are one of my absolute faves! The microderm feels the closest a scrub has ever felt to a microderm in my opinion. Then I follow it up with his Oxygen mask to rejuvenate my skin. The bubbles feel so tingly it’s like heaven to my pores. Right now there is a 22% off coupon but it ends tonight. Just in case you read this before midnight it is: SAVE22. Skinstore or Dermstore always have good coupons you can find so I always price shop first before I purchase since masks can be a bit steep.

I always follow up with my typical routine which I plan on going into detail about soon. Hope everybody is having a fabulous week!




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