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relaxation time, how to unwind as a mom, me time, dunking donuts

relaxation time, how to unwind as a mom, me time, dunking donuts

relaxation time, how to unwind as a mom, me time, dunking donuts

 relaxation time, how to unwind as a mom, me time, dunking donuts
Photography by Chelsea Rochelle


Hey guys if you know me at all then you definitely know that I’m a sleep deprived momma who functions solely on caffeine. How about you? But seriously though I simply can’t live without it. When I was younger I drank coffee at work just to be cool pretty much. My husband didn’t even drink it before he dated me. Fast forward 5 years later with two kids. We both drink it every morning and in the afternoon. It fuels us. Mine is typically cold because I’m trying to get everyone else in my house ready for the day. That’s the thing about being a mom… we are completely selfless putting ourselves last on the list below everyone else in our family. I’m here to tell you now, there are certain things in life you just gotta make time for. YOU.

Yeah, I’m talking to you. The mom that dresses like they just stepped out of bed, because maybe you did. I wouldn’t judge you because most days I look like that too. Heck today I was so proud of myself for looking like a decent human being, I was hoping I ran into every person I knew just because I had makeup on and actual clothes. Or you, the workaholic who barely has time for her own friends, let alone herself. Ladies, we’ve gotta take a step back and take some time for the most important person in our life. Ourselves. Guess what? The world around you can’t function unless YOU are taking care of yourself.

So onto discussing some me time. Let me tell you about my dream “me time.” The one thing I look forward to every single day is my one cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I personally prefer the Hazelnut flavor but I do not discriminate. I love all flavors of Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee, it’s never bitter like some coffee can be. I personally have a Keurig so I use the K-cups but I love visiting my folks and drinking a fresh pot of coffee too. There’s something about curling up with your morning coffee and a good book or my personal favorite, going outside to have it on my porch. I really feel as if it’s important to my sanity to enjoy those 10-15 minutes with my coffee each morning. Like hey I’m gonna take these few moments for me and just unwind to start my day today. I shut everything else out around me and just soak it all in with those last few sips. So with that being said… how do you start your day?

My me time each day starts with (not even kidding the very first thing I do after getting up with my newborn) me making an 8 oz cup of DD coffee in my Keurig. Then I add a little stevia and my International Delight one second latte. I’m so addicted to my fast latte, it tastes so delicious. If I’m trying to be healthy then I’ll just add some almond milk. My favorite thing about DD coffee is it tastes amazing warm but it tastes just as delicious as an iced coffee for summertime. It is so smooth and has been my number one coffee choice for over 6 years now and I’m not going back. You won’t either, trust me on that.

You can find DD coffee in K-cups or ground coffee at your local Publix in the coffee isle. That’s where I get mine. There are so many different flavors to choose from. Plus, get your $1 off coupon HERE. Let me know in the comments about your me time with coffee.

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