Kid Approved Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is one of my favorite holidays with children my home. I love all the bright colors, easter egg hunts and the thrill of the goodies the Easter bunny brings. I love going to church and talking about Jesus to my babies. The one part that bugs me as a parent is how most of what is marketed for Easter basket is sugar and candy. If your kids are anything like mine that makes you cringe. My daughter is a straight up sugar addict and I’ve been drastically trying to cut back for her. I mean she gets it honestly, I struggle daily on my addiction. This year I decided forget the candy filled easter baskets that go to waste. I’m doing something different this year. So I filled it… I mean the Easter bunny filled it with toys and things they need.

First off this year I used Pehr Design’s Pom “easter baskets” because it’s much more functional for regular use plus they are so cute as easter baskets. After we are done with Easter I can use them for storage in their rooms since I got them to match their bedrooms. Diving into Keatyn’s a little bit. Clearly you see I have to include troll blind bags. She has an obsession. Also my kid absolutely loves bath bombs. Seriously a kid after my heart. She must have seen me too many times because she wants a glass of sparkling juice, candles and a bath bomb when she bathes. Hahaha I’m not even kidding y’all. Anyway, I found this AMAZING store on Etsy who makes the most luxurious bath bombs but also they have surprise toys inside! I mean seriously what kid wouldn’t want these?! Plus they’re cheaper than Lush. I’m smitten from here on out. I want adult bath bombs with surprises in them.

I also got her a tool set from Baby Cubby because she always pretends to fix things around the house. She must have her daddy’s engineer brain. They also had these cool functional cups that hang on your fridge. I get so tired of finding cups all over our house.

This owl from Pawd Pets holds our iPad or cell phones for Keatyn with a magnet so she can play with it or watch movies and grip it better. Plus it looks super cute.

Can we talk about how cute this unicorn tumbler is from Twinkle Twinkle Little Jar? There’s a pretty good chance I might steal this from Keatyn. Unicorns and glitter…uh yes.


Here are a few of the things pictured above I got for Charlie:

Ok I’m so excited for the girls to see their Easter baskets, even though Charlie could care less at this point. Minus maybe one candy easter bunny, I think I found some really great candy substitutions. I love supporting all the small shops, so if you’re looking for something out of the box for easter or any holidays, check them out. Hope you guys are having a fabulous week! Xo



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