Lashes for Days: Lash Extension with Amy K Lashes in Nashville

Lash Extension with Amy K Lashes in Nashville by popular style blogger Nashville Wifestyles

Lash Extension with Amy K Lashes in Nashville by popular style blogger Nashville Wifestyles

Lash Extension with Amy K Lashes in Nashville by popular style blogger Nashville Wifestyles

Ok I have always had fairly long eyelashes. However my eyelashes are blonde as daylight so if I’m not wearing mascara, you can’t even see them. Mascara is one thing that almost transforms me. I had lash extension a few years ago for my wedding and loved them but then my lash girl moved away and I’m extremely insane about who I would trust to do that. Enter Amy. She as ^ years of lash extension under her belt. She does a few friends of mine who are just as meticulous as I am about trusting someone to do something to a part of your face that’s super delicate. The worst part honestly for me was sitting still for 2 hours with my eyes closed. There was no pain at all, besides the fact that I nearly peed myself. Do not drink anything before you lay down 😉 Luckily Amy talked to me and calmed my paranoid self down. I have serious control issues and knowing I couldn’t open my eyes nearly paralyzed me. So I’m here to answer all your lash extension questions and refer you to a boss chick here in Nashville to take care of you. I literally wake up every morning right now feeling so GLAM even without a stitch of makeup on. It’s crazy what eyelashes and eyebrows can do for you.


Inquiring Minds Wanna Know: The Lash Extension Details

Eyelash extensions enhance the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. They are subtle enough for daily wear but also transitional for a special night out or special occasion. Each strand of synthetic eyelashes are applied to your natural upper eyelash for a more permanent lush lash look. After the first few days it takes to adjust to having them, they feel completely natural (unlike false eyelashes.) Plus false eyelashes usually only last a few wears and even appear unnatural. Eyelash extensions will have people questioning, “Are her lashes real?”

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Your natural lash cycle sheds every 45-60 days, varying from person to person. The results of lash extension depend often on the everyday wear and daily activities you endure in addition to your care of them. It is recommended to have a touch up every 3-4 weeks. The initial application takes up to 2 hours depending on your lashes and the look you’re going for, but the touch ups generally take a significant less time around an hour or so. The first 2 days following your lash extension application is the most fragile. Be careful to not rub your eyes. When you are cleansing your face, be gentle around the eye area using a cloth sparingly around the eyes. You should also avoid cosmetics including glycols and carbonates, and do not interact with hot steam or water for the first 24-48 hours, such as steam room, sauna or a hot bath. I personally did not wash my hair for at least 48 hours afterward. After that 48 hours is up, you can swim, you can bathe…the world is your oyster. You’ll just look even more fabulous doing it.

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One of my first lash extension questions was “Can I wear mascara?” Yes, you can wear mascara. Just not oil based or water proofed because they can break up the bonding agent and shorten your gorgeous lash life cycle. Trust me, you don’t want that after the money you just spent on those babies. If you do choose to wear mascara make sure you clean your eyelashes with WATER-BASED makeup remover.

Lash Extension – The cost:

Most places around Nashville cost $250-600. Be wary of someone who charges barely nothing to do them. Girls let me reiterate this. YOU DO NOT WANT SOMEONE INEXPERIENCED DOING YOUR LASHES. While lash extensions do not damage your eyelashes, having it done by the wrong person definitely can. Check the credentials, ask for referrals if you’re not in the Nashville area. If you’re in the Nashville or NYC area, I got you girl. I’ve pretty much done the research for you. GO SEE AMY! She has 6 years of experience guys!

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Ok here is the best part. Just because I love my blog followers so much and I am always trying to find you guys the best deals ever, I have collaborated with Amy K Lashes to give you guys a special offer.

Get your initial set of lash extension for $200! That’s absolutely a steal.

Plus you can rest assured that you have a skilled professional working on your lashes that will ensure no damage to those gorgeous wispies. No having to try your luck, I’ve done that for you. I’m gonna include a couple other examples of her work and you can also check out her website and social media accounts I’m going to link for you below. Go get beautiful….well more beautiful dolls.

Amy K Lashes


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