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I haven’t been very active on my blog this week with all the stuff going on in the world. If we’re being honest I’ve just been way too down to sit down and write. I’l never understand the evil that goes on in some people’s hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of the people in Vegas. 

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This week my husband was also out-of-town so I didn’t get much done other than keeping my kids alive and fed. We had dance class followed by a meeting Monday night and also an event last night downtown. Momma is busy y’all. Tonight I was supposed to go to another event but I had to skip out to be with my babies. Speaking of my babies, tomorrow starts fall break for Miss K so she will be home with me for 10 days!!!! What will we do? I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Tomorrow we are heading to the pumpkin patch with my friend Vanessa and her sweet babe.

So what do we have planned? Well… we are going to Gatlinburg. So many memories for is in ole Gburg. Number one, it’s close to Matt and I’s home town. We are from the mountains, yes we’re mountain people. We had a wonderful retreat there last fall when I was pregnant with Charlie. There are few things more relaxing than sitting on the porch drinking your coffee overlooking those beautiful East Tennessee mountains. It’s a tad cooler there and honestly I’m banking on it because I’m ready to wrap up in a sweater. So what I plan on packing are some fun layering tees like the one pictured above and also some sweaters I can layer if it’s cold. Just a little quick tip about layering tees for fall from someone with bipolar weather experience. I am putting together some of my favorite layering tees below. Some have the back out or cold shouldered and some are 40% off.

Do you guys any any exciting plans this fall?

Layering tees. Some 40% off.

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