Oh Valentine’s Day.

The day of love.


Come on guys let’s get real…that doesn’t have to mean a significant other now does it? We can celebrate by ourselves, with our kids or with our friends too. Don’t worry though I will touch on the relationship part too for you boys and girls. Hallmark holiday of the year is about to get real. I’m a mother of a 3-year-old, sometimes all I want for Valentine’s Day is a break and someone to cook and clean for me. Not that I would turn down jewelry or a spa day. Hint, hint hubs,

Lets start with our kiddos or any kiddos in your life for that matter. My daughter is obsessed with books right now. She loves a good bedtime read. She especially loves the Llama llama books and I do too. They all teach wonderful lessons and good behavior for kids. This one about love in particular is perfect for V-Day. Next up, how adorable is this dinosaur play set? It brings the prehistoric era right into the play room.

Also, what little girl doesn’t like to play in their mom’s makeup?! Mine does any chance she gets. This cute makeup kit will be so fun to glam up with your little on. Ok lastly, let me tell you…we got my daughter an Alex toys color a rocket ship last year and she built it with her dad and I. Obsessed. She plays in that rocket ship nonstop. Mainly I’m sure because she felt she built it herself and kids will be happy to play in boxes. It engages their creativity. I can’t rave enough about Alex toys. So we ended up getting her the color a house for christmas and built it over the weekend. She hasn’t stopped playing it and pretending like it’s her house. This dog house will be our next purchase I’m sure. It makes a perfect gift for any of the boys or girls in your life. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with candy.

“Now is lady time!”

You will only get that if you watch Parks & Recreation. Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends is only the best way ever to spend your holiday. Sorry guys. Get dolled up, go to a nice dinner or stay in with wine and order LOTS of take out. Just promise me you will dance. Valentine’s Day can make you feel cruddy if you’re lonely but quality friendships are everything. Drink lots of wine and tell each other how much you love each other. What can you present to the lovely lady friends in your life? Well lets see… First up since I just touched on wine, sign her up for a personalized wine club. Take a short quiz and voila it comes to your door each month. It can get pricey so you could always do one month obviously. I joined the Bright Cellars wine club a few months ago and enjoy it but any wine club you prefer would work. They deliver 4 wines to you specifically matched based on your answers to a 7 question survey. They do have a special where you can get the first month heavily discounted as well so it’s a win win. Another good idea in my book are a couple little relaxation tools. Who doesn’t love a nice warm bath? This lavender candle will put her mind at ease after a long day paired with THIS bubble bath. Tranquility accomplished, Ok lastly get her something she might not buy herself: an inexpensive but great quality set of makeup brushes. Thanks to Miss Jaclyn Hill I am addicted to Morphe brushes. They are a great price and oh my goodness they are the bomb at applying makeup. THIS set is only $44.99 and comes with 10 brushes. 10! For that price…holy moly what a steal.

Ok that’s it for your non romantic Valentine’s day gifts. Tomorrow on the blog I will be discussing Valentine’s day gifts for your significant other based on their love language. Thanks to my friend Ash for that bug in my ear. Night loves.





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