Hey guys I write to you today during my “peaceful” hour at K’s gymnastics class. Why is it so hard to get things accomplished when you have children…especially a toddler. Anyway, here I am just browsing through Nordstrom’s website eyeing this Free people jacket I have been coveting when I see to my amazement that it is now 40% off. I bet Matt is glad I didn’t buy it before that now. Only trying to save you money honey 😉 You are welcome.


Sooooo I thought I would share with you ladies (or fellows who wanna buy your girl a trendy gift) some of my favorite deals I found. Deals for you obviously because hey you’ve gotta treat yourself sometimes, but also deals for your man or your kiddos if you have them. Lets get started…


  1. Um I have to start with my jacket of course because it’s awesome. The perfect casual vibe but still trendy enough to wear out. Dress it up, dress it down, it doesn’t matter. Free People Denim & Knit Jacket $73.98!!! Too freaking cute.
  2. TopShop Rupa Snake Embossed Ghillie Sandal. First off the fact that this shoe is $24 is enough of a reason for me to need it in my closet. This pewter gladiator style heel is to die for. Plus we all know that 5 inch heel will boost that booty up.
  3. This Kate Spade watch is classic! You can pair it with pretty much any day-to-day outfit. The perfect casual watch for daily wear in my opinion. On sale for $134.98!
  4. I found this Coffee Shop Trench Coat for $52.80. I mean I wasn’t even aware you could find a quality trench coat for under $100. Perfect for spring.
  5. I’m dying over this Halogen Martine Studded T-strap Pump. It looks very similar to the Valentino T-strap pump but like 1/20 of the cost at $59.96.
  6. I love these brightly patterned Zella ‘Live In” Chalet print leggings to work out in. Since honestly I live in yoga pants, I should probably invest my money into this type of attire instead of actual clothing to wear out. Typical mom. At $46.80 I would never re-wear the same pair twice in a week. I own a pair of Zella leggings and I love them!
  7. Halogen is killing it for me right now. Adorable shoes at a cheap price…uh you already had me at shoes people. These studded cute slip on sneakers are $53.96 and you could rock with any casual outfit or dress them up.
  8. I’m not gonna lie. I picked this one because of the name haha but it is really cute. Very Carrie Bradshaw. Jane Basch Designs Diamond Nameplate Necklace $73.98 If anyone wants to get me this I won’t object. I’m kidding but please look at the name they have on the stock image. Love.
  9. #1 You can NEVER go wrong with leather. #2 I love BLANKNYC. These faux leather pants are adorable and I’ve been scouring to find them in my size.
  10. These Honeydew Intimates pj sets are so cute! I love the donut one so much and they are so soft. On sale for $32.40

Now that I have made all your boyfriends and hubbies hate me, let me redeem myself by offering a few gift options for the men.

  1. I love these Sperry boat shoes. The color is so different and unoriginal. My husband doesn’t wear boat shoes but if he did, I would make him wear these.
  2. These leather gloves are so hot to me. So stylish yet manly and rugged at the same time. Yum.
  3. I bought these exact same boots for my husband before they went on sale and thought they were steal then at $100. He needed a pair of trendy boots to wear every day so he didn’t ruin his expensive shoes. They look so stylish. He loves them. the only thing is they rub his ankles raw so make sure to get the guards that go on the back of shoe.
  4. I don’t know about you all but my man can not remember for the life of himself to take off his shoes off, even when I nag him every day about it. He definitely needs a good pair of slippers he can walk outside to take the dog etc., without walking all over the dirty floors in Nashville and bringing that gunk back in our house. These slippers have “faux shearling lines a cozy suede slipper grounded by a durable rubber sole for both in- and outdoor wear.” Per reviews, it says to order a size up.
  5. I am a fan of dress shoes and my husband is quite the dress shoe snob but I really think he would love these oxfords. The colors are snazzy and I love the detailed tip.
  6. Well like I said…I LOVE LEATHER. Unfortunately Matt doesn’t wear it so humor me if your guy does and get this jacket. Matt if you read this pleases wear this jacket! Meow. So hot.

Tomorrow morning look back at the site for the children and home version of my favorites from their sale. The sales lasts through 2/21/16. I hope you guys find great deals and like the suggestions I gave you. Have a great weekend.



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