My hubs has been out of town, so I’ve been covered up and finished last night’s blog when my baby girl went to bed. There was no way I could also include the items I loved from the kid and home section of Nordstrom’s 40% off winter sale, without staying up until the wee hours of the morning. But I wanted to for you guys!  If you know me at all, you know I don’t behave nicely on little sleep. Sleep is my savior. Coffee is too obviously. They both get me through the day. Then when night approaches, wine gets me over the day 🙂 I’m sure you guys can relate.

Moving on…ok so I’m sure some of you have children like myself or have children in your life that you buy way too much for. Let’s be honest it can get pretty ridiculously pricey. I found some really cute stuff for boys and girls of all ages. Maybe you guys have been searching for similar stuff already or this post makes you want it…regardless, it’s on sale so hopefully that cushions the blow.

I’ll start with the little fellas:

  1. These sneakers are so precious. They look like little Oxfords even though they are sneakers so I’m sure they would be super comfy for your little guy.
  2. I’m dying over this Tucker & Tate hooded flannel shirt. It makes me want a boy so bad!
  3. Obviously I’m a fan of hoods. This one is from Hudson and it is denim jacket with a black hood. Too cute.
  4. I’m in love with these little boy Sperry Kids leather Oxfords.
  5. I love these suede, skater style Nike’s. Very trendy and cute.
  6. Nike’s all the way baby. I love Nike’s so if I can find them cheaper I’m all for it! These Nike free running shoes are perfect for any little guy.
  7. This Quicksilver hoodie has a space-dyed look and is the right color to fit with any outfit.
  8. My nephew loves clothing like this brand/style and he’s 10. This Quicksilver hoodie has a very athletic feel and you really can’t go wrong with a henley. Ps. They are my favorite types of boy shirts.

And for the little ladies:

  1. Ok these skinny Hudson jeans that have a bit of sparkle & shimmer scream girly but edgy.
  2. Am I the last one to know that Wildfox makes girl clothing too? They need to make matching mom and daughter stuff since I already wear their line all the time. This raglan sweatshirts is adorbs!
  3. Again Wildfox has my heart. This sweater would be so stinking cute on your little daisy.
  4. I am dying over this Bernardo Faux Fur hooded jacket. It’s very winter chic with geo patterns on the arm.
  5. Like mom, like daughter. I LIVE in yoga pants. Apparently your kids can too. These graphic Zella leggings are so bright and colorful.
  6. Another pair of Zella leggings. This pair is a bold, bright pair as well with more focus on greens and teal.
  7. Minnetonka double fringe booties. I buy my daughter these every year I love them so much!
  8. How cute are these studded fringe booties?! These cute suede booties have a tiny stacked heel too. OMG.
  9. These Uggs give your kiddo comfort all day. Super comfy and they come in purple with bows!
  10. I love this Pippa & Julie dress and I want to buy it to take my munchkin to the ballet or tea with me! So precious with oversized flowers and a flared skirt.


Ok I’m almost done guys bear with me. I am gonna go through the home items with you real quick and then let you enjoy your night….hopefully spent shopping 😀

  1. This cute little pillow is the perfect gift for a loved one! So sweet.
  2. If you love to bake like a mad woman like little ole me then you cannot pass THESE up. There are 48 paper & foil wrapper for cupcakes along with decorated toothpicks and they are only $8!
  3. This rustic wall mounted bottle opener would be perfect for a man cave.
  4. Show off that state pride and have a reason to drink beer? I’m sure you know a man (or hey a female) that would enjoy this unique art. State Map Bottle Cap Display.
  5. THESE His & Hers champagne flutes would make a perfect engagement gift. They are so cheap! $9!
  6. Again with the man room decor, but my husband has one and every time I see these quirky things, it makes me wanna get him one. What man doesn’t love whiskey, beer, bacon and YOU?! Not one I want if he doesn’t. Check out this wall art.
  7. Love this Marquee Home Sign. Show everyone who comes to your house your love of family and the home you share with this vintage-esque marquee sign with metal letters.
  8. Seriously how cute is this wine stopper? I would buy this as a small gift or add-on to a present.
  9. This a great deal on these Kate Spade gold striped highball drinking glasses. $33. Here are the old-fashioned versions.
  10. Pamper your wine bottles with this luxurious faux fur wine bag. I am so in love with this. The only problem I would have is I wouldn’t wanna give it up when I gave the gift of the wine.

Hope you guys liked these items! Have a great weekend.



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