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I still remember the day Keatyn came into this world so vividly. I remember how it felt when they handed her to me. How scared I was before she came. I was terrified I wouldn’t love her enough or feel connected to her. Everyone kept telling me, when you see her face hit will it you. I kept asking myself over and over, “but what if it doesn’t?” Trust me, it did. In full force actually. I instantly became ridden with anxiety caring for her and worrying for her. She genuinely became my reason for living.

Isn’t it crazy how you have lived your whole life without someone and then the moment they enter your life, it’s almost as if you couldn’t picture a life before them. Now I am expecting my second child in 2 months. My newest fear is what if I don’t feel the same as I felt with Keatyn? I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for a new addition. Honestly, I am so excited. I’m counting down the days until I meet Charlotte.

Definitely need these newborn essentials for my winter baby.

We are in the process of finishing her mermaid themed nursery. I am way more laid back with preparing during this pregnancy than I was the first time around. With my first, I had the nursery finished completely 10 weeks out. Currently, I am 9 weeks out and our nursery still needs work. I have her swings, bassinet and everything else set up so I’m confident I’m still ahead of the game. How did you guys prepare for your first? Or your second or third? Are there any differences?

Since September is one of the most popular birth months, I am partaking in one amazing giveaway for you guys. Gymboree along with 5 other popular brands (Land of Nod, Seventh Generation, 4moms, Baby Bjorn and Munchkin) is giving over $2000 in prizes within this GIVEAWAY. Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?! Make sure to enter HERE by end of day 9/30.


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