I rocked this practical work out gear en route to Santa Rosa last week. If you guys follow me on Instagram you know I’m currently at the beach. What you don’t know is I’ve basically stayed in my coverup all week and probably gained at least 5-8 lbs from all the good food I’ve eaten. I’ve also slacked on any physical activity at all. It’s so hard to find time to work out and I’ve really let myself go lately. I thought after Charlie came I would get back into top shape like I was before I got pregnant but I just haven’t. It’s really easy to make excuses but also life gets in the way.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder early on in my life and luckily I overcame it but I still struggle with body issues. I still look in the mirror and pick apart every single thing about me. I am a confident person but I’d be lying just like most of us if I said I didn’t get down on myself. I am definitely getting into a work out habit starting Sunday. My girl Sheeva and I are starting an intense 2 week lagree fitness exploration at Studio Novo in Nashville. I know my body is gonna be like wtf are you doing to me but good Lord it needs a good shock. I’ll definitely be keeping you posted on that workout plan.

Speaking of working out, I have posted some really cute workout clothes below (practical workout gear) and I have found the BEST subscription box ever. I live in workout apparel. Like live in it for real. I wear activewear on a daily basis. (Is that song popping in your head right about now? Because it is in mine.) Ellie has an awesome subscription box for $49.95 a month. You get 5 items: typically 3 parts clothing and 2 accessories/equipment. You know what you’re getting 5 days ahead of the box shipping out so you can review and see if you like it. If you don’t then you can skip that month. Plus you can add on items for up to 70% off. I am obsessed with my stuff for June. The workout pants especially are absolutely adorable and such great quality, name brand items. To make it even better, I’m teaming up with Ellie to give one of my readers a free July box for some practical workout gear. All you have to do to enter is tell me your favorite workout on this instagram post:



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