Rocking Western-ish Wear

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Photo credit: Thomas J Photography

Top , Hat & Necklace: Blush Boutique

Lipstick: Colour Pop


You don’t have to be in the Wild West to rock some of that gear. You can incorporate the western style into your looks without looking like you’re going to a Billy Ray Cyrus concert back in the mullet days. I’ll start by saying that I am obsessed with suede. It’s been pretty stylish for nearly a year now. I can’t get enough of it. I honestly could pair at least one piece of my outfit every single time with suede.

This hat and necklace 100% made the outfit. Turquoise jewelry goes perfect with suede. I always gravitate towards turquoise and silver mixed jewelry. It’s so pretty.

I kept my makeup pretty light and just opted for a grungier lip. Some mascara, foundation and blush…you’re good to go. You don’t need to overdo or contour for every single look. I love how it all turned out.




  • This shirt dress looks almost identical to my shirt. So cute!
  • Roll the sleeves and tie at the waist to feminize this cute top.
  • This shirt is super sexy.
  • Or you can get more of a hippie vote with this one.

In order from left to right. Click on links for outfit. Hope you guys are having a great week!






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