Guess who had a rustic Gatsby wedding? Well it’s been 3 years since my best friend and I said our I dos. I have never been so confident in a decision. We got married in June 2014. I’m the worst at wedding planning, basically because I’m so indecisive and can never make up my mind. We were deciding between Mint Springs Farm and The Bridge Building in Nashville. So we had a meeting with our photographers, Ace Photography, (which was literally the only thing I had decided on) and they were telling me how they just bought a wedding venue etc. They casually mentioned something about me having our wedding there if we wanted even though they were just starting on it. I had no idea on the time period they were planning for the renovations to complete but I kept it in my back pocket. The more I thought about it though, the more I thought how cool would it be to be a gorgeous venue’s very first wedding? So I let them know I was in. One of the things I loved most about Drakewood Farms is how they let my vision come to life. I wanted to integrate both rustic and glam vibes into our wedding since I knew how Matt felt about having a barn wedding. (He’s very modern) I showed them multiple photos of my Pinterest and we had several meetings about the decor, flowers, food, etc. I really loved how invested Doug and Arlene were on making my day special.  Here are my —-> GORGEOUS SHOES 


I pinned so many different images about how I wanted my bridesmaids hair and also mine to be. Nothing turned out like that. The heat was so unbearable I decided to go for an updo and luckily my girl Jessica killed it. My only regret is that I was so fearful in wearing my hair up that I insisted on pulling strands down and the heat completely killed them.

One of my best friends since high school, Jessica, (yes also Jessica but not the same one) who is killer at makeup made me all pretty and glowy like the moon. I was so happy to have her and my other friends from back home there with me. We got ready at Babe Beauty Bar and had champagne before we headed to the venue. When we got there, we headed straight to the bridal suite upstairs. It was decorated so beautifully and vintage. The bridesmaids got ready there in the floral kimonos I had made for them. 

Wedding Hanger (Personalized)

Bridesmaid Infinity Bracelets

Ostrich Bridal Clutch

Lace Garter

Vintage Bridal Hair Clip


Matt and I decided to do a first look. I wanted some alone time with him before I walked down the aisle but we also wanted some good pictures pre-wedding ceremony. I loved the look on his face when he turned around. I love how we incorporated a Gatsby feel but also a rustic farm vibe. Hence the rustic gatsby wedding title. The blue truck was a solid choice. I seriously said to our planners at one point “I want it to look like Gatsby had a party on the farm.” Hahaha.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted a brooch bouquet or flowers so I opted for flowers covered lace at the base with brooches from my family’s side and Matt’s to give to “something borrowed.” My garter under my dress had a blue stone for my “something blue.”




There were the smallest details in our rustic Gatsby wedding all around that honestly I didn’t even notice the day of because it was all so hectic, even though they whereas important to me when planning. The one thing I did notice and still love so much is the remembrance table. We wanted a place where our deceased relatives could celebrate with us. It was touching to see on our special day.

I was absolutely obsessed with the way the strategically placed birdcages were all around. I mean come on, they were hanging from trees!!! Stunning. We had chalkboards everywhere because there were so many important things I wanted written down. They placed most of them in the barn for cocktail hour but the Heaven one stole my heart.


We had a harpist who played a lovely version of “1000 years” when I walked down the aisle. My main goal in life for my wedding was to get my father to cry. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen tears from that man. Yeah that’s pretty sad…not a happy wedding, I just wanna see my dad put on the waterworks. He wasn’t showy about it but I definitely saw it. So needless to say, I was pretty satisfied.

Matt of course cried. He’s pretty emotional and sweet for such a tough guy. Our friend Jenny painted a gorgeous photo of Matt’s brother Charlie, who passed away when they were in high school, in a white tux as his best man. I mean that broke me, along with probably every person in the audience.

I even flubbed my lines during one of the vow (see laughing photo above), we had someone’s car alarm go off like crazy, it rained and my hair fell like no other but it was the best darn wedding it could’ve been. If you know me, you know I’m super low key, so none of it phased me. I have never nor will I ever be a bride-zilla or anything-zilla for that matter. The most perfect thing did happen though… Our daughter (also our flower girl) ran up at the most opportune time possible on her own free will to hold our hands. In the middle of our prayer, uniting us a family. Then we toasted the guests with a glass of champagne, clearly my request. They picked  glass up on their way in.


We  had a pretty stellar cocktail hour while we took wedding party/family photos etc. They staged it in the barn with random chunky gold signs and mirrors. There was also a cigar bar for guests to enjoy at their leisure and many antique couches places around the farm. We also made a date jar where guests wrote down a date night suggestion so we could act them all out in due time. (Note: We still haven’t)


Then we moved the party inside and by inside I mean food. Isn’t that what everyone is really concerned about? If you haven;t yet then please look at these gorgeous, eclectic table settings above? If this doesn’t reflect my personality, I’m not sure what does. Fun fact: In addition to more birdcages, my stepmom handpainted and then applied glitter to wine bottles to hold the flowers. Gorgeous and genius right? Clearly baby breath is a winner at this wedding. It gives off that vintage vibe and is also super cost-effective. My bridemaid’s bouquets were also just heavy baby breath.

For the meal we had chicken and steak, veggies and the works. We also had an open bar with beer, wine and liquor that we brought in ourselves.


Our first dance was John Legend “All Of Me,” because let’s face it, I’m crazy and he loves it.

My dad and I danced to My Little Girl.

Our cake melted just a bit in the intense June sun. I loved the gold on it. We chose a different flavor and filling for each tier. Luckily he didn’t smash it in my face. But really would any bride really complain? You’ve starved yourself for weeks to fit in that dress, shouldn’t you say FINALLY!!!


The Party. It was just that. A party. Our friends really know how to throw it down. Some friends couldn’t even make it until the actual party, they got sick early from cocktail hour and had to bow out. Other that shall remain nameless (cough cough Jess and KK) danced with me until one popped their dress. We had the Chris Weaver band from Nashville play and let me tell you… Keatyn was the life of the party. She went so hard she threw up. No I’m actually not kidding. She still laughs when I tell her that story.

My main dance partners other than my hubs were Jess, Kristen and Taryn along with my family. Man we had fun. Matt and I even had a dance off. Jess got the bouquet (spoiler I was in her wedding this past year) and Phillip caught the garter. We ended the night with a certain mother in law ripping off a couple groomsmen’s shirts (don’t worry she did it to her husband too) so I’d say that qualifies as a pretty decent afterparty. Anne you killed it. You are goals. They sent us off with sparklers and red bandanas, it’s a family thing. I’ve never felt more loved.

All photos by Ace Photography.


The End. But not of our love story. Thanks for reading. Xoxo.




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