SEPHORA FAVORITES + BEAUTY INSIDER SALE YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS by Nashville style blogger Nashville Wifestyles

It’s one my most favorite sales each year: TheSephoraVIB sale. I am including my Sephora favorites.. I am a makeup junkie, skin care addict and hair styling maniac as I’m sure most women are. I may be a mom who lives in yoga pants but makeup is something I have been obsessed with for years. It has been my number one source of traffic and questions. It’s actually what made me start my blog. I received so many questions on my Sephora favorites including makeup, skin care and hair that I decided to start this creative outlet to review my faves and do some tutorials. Now, I’m no makeup artist but I like to think I do a pretty darn good job with it. I’m showing some of my Sephora favorites to stock up on for yourself or as a holiday gift since you get 15% off! You can also find a majority of the daily makeup I use at Sephora (the SHOP tab under makeup)

Beauty Insider Event Details:

ROUGE: 20% OFF 11/10-11/15

VIB: 20% OFF 11/10-11/15

INSIDER: 15% OFF 11/10-11/14

Enjoy these Sephora favorites! Please message me with any makeup, skin care or hair questions you may have or comment below! Xo.

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