SHOP LOCAL NASHVILLE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE by popular Nashville blogger Nashville Wifestyles

This week starts my HOLIDAY POSTS y’all! Every day I’ll be giving you something…a catered holiday gift guide, holiday recipe, holiday fashion and makeup looks so get ready. I’m starting off with a few of my favorite local Nashville shops so you can shop small and support our city and local businesses. Here is my shop local Nashville Holiday gift guide…

Grogan Jeweler’s by Lon // Y’all know I love me some Grogan’s. Seriously they have the most superb customer service but aside from that they have such a great range of jewelry. Expensive high quality and also lower priced to fit everyone’s budget. They have Christmas gifts starting as low as $49. My friend Joule and I went shopping the other day and I popped in to browse. A few things I’m suggesting:

SHOP LOCAL NASHVILLE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE by popular Nashville blogger Nashville Wifestyles

SHOP LOCAL NASHVILLE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE by popular Nashville blogger Nashville Wifestyles

SHOP LOCAL NASHVILLE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE by popular Nashville blogger Nashville Wifestyles

  1. Gorgeous studs and hoops. These are what I asked for at Christmas. I found the most gorgeous pair of diamond hoops and didn’t even want to walk out of the store without them. I definitely put the bug in my hub’s ear.
  2. Tennis Bracelets. We found so many options here and this is such a classic present that can be passed down to each generation and also built on with other bracelets and watches. They have dainty bracelets, chunky bracelets, high-end and lower end options.
  3. Platinum coated jewelry. Affordable but also elegant. Lagoon is super affordable and uses lassaire. You can place it right next to a real diamond piece and never know the difference. It will never lose it’s shine. Joule ended up getting this for her mom.
  4. Classy watches. So I’m not a huge watch person but you know who is? MY HUSBAND! What is about men that makes them swoon over watches? I think it’s because we have so much jewelry as women and that’s the main thing they wear. My husband has two loves for expensive, classic pieces: watches and suits. Tag Heuer has so many great features you can find HERE. A few of my favorites are the sapphire crystal caseback, power reserve and the scratch resistant curved sapphire crystal.
  5. Personalized Jewelery. Grogan’s has sterling silver jewelry and comes in gold plating or rose gold plating and is fully customizable. There are so many options with necklaces and charms, bangles and rings that can also be stacked. This is a great gift option because it’s personable and a great heirloom that shows thoughtfulness. Plus as a mother myself I  love looking at my stackable rings with the girl’s names on them, makes me smile every time.

If you live in the Nashville area make sure to check out Grogan Jewelers by Lon for some amazing deals. It’s always important to shop small and local. We have to show our support to Nashville especially. They also have a store in Huntsville and Florence, Alabama. Make sure to watch out for their Christmas Promotion beginning Dec 8th. I will be giving more information about it on my Instagram soon…..

Nashville Blanket Co // Have you heard of weighted blankets? They have been shown to help you sleep better at night. They are filled with FDA beads to help keep you at “prime time” sleeping temperature throughout the night.  The blanket is 15 lbs and 100% cotton and designed to was anxiety/stress by replicating the comfort of being hugged or snuggled. Use code Lifestyles for 25% off for the Holidays.

Native In Nashville gear // Native in Nashville was started by one of my friend’s Amber and she has completely rocked the Nashville apparel. She has so much to choose from and she does it all herself. She also is the new mom to a beautiful baby boy so go give her some support y’all. Her main theme is the “Native” but she also has “Ended up in Nashville” for the transplants and SO much more. She also does a lot of projects around town to help people in need. I’m ALL ABOUT supporting that.

Walnut Grove Woodcraft // A local company that has been making handmade furniture and decor for over 15 years. I love the rustic design and I love supporting small businesses because they make the world go round. My personal favorite is their arrow signs.

I hope you guys loved my SHOP LOCAL NASHVILLE Holiday Gift Guide and if you can make the effort, please TRY to SHOP LOCAL for any gifts you can to support our city. It’s so important. Make sure to check our Grogan’s AMAZING Holiday Special!!! Happy Holidays and keep an eye out for the rest of my holiday gift guide this week and next. Xo.


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