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Photos By Chelsea Rochelle

Why do you need skin care year-round? Because sun damage is no joke and unfortunately for me, it runs in my family. With the summers now reaching an all-time high regarding temperature, I’m taking extra precautions. Living in Nashville, there is ALWAYS something fun going on. From festivals, concerts, sporting events, pool parties, CMA fest to our amazing patio scenes, you can’t avoid being outside in the sun.

We have had some fun times in the sun this summer. We took the kids to Destin, we have had many pools days, went to the zoo, took them to festivals and I always make a special effort to put their Blue Lizard sunscreen on them at least. They are kids, so in my mind I know they need to have their sunscreen on. I am awful to myself though. I always make sure it’s on my face but I never give my body the love it needs. I made a vow to myself that I was gonna care just as much about preserving my body as I do my face and use skin care year-round. I have been using Blue Lizard’s baby sunscreen on my kids for years but I am starting my own journey to protect myself and love all the benefits it has to offer. Plus, my doctor in Nashville highly recommended it to me when I asked him, so that’s a win for sure.



Not to scare you but the facts are that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. In addition to seeking shade as much as possible, one of the best ways to avoid this is using an SPF 30 sunscreen or higher. You also may think you’re safe if it’s cloudy or there’s snow on the ground, but actually snow can increase thinned for sunscreen because it reflects the rays and 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays are prevalent during cloudy days. Here are a few tips to lower your chances for sun damage:

  • Make sure the sunscreen is broad-spectrum to protect against UVA and UVB rays. Blue Lizard sunscreen uses only high quality natural minerals. The sensitive and the baby sunscreen are specially designed with no irritating chemicals.
  • I hear there is a guideline of use “a shot glass” to cover your exposed body with sunscreen but keep in min the size of your body when applying.
  • Make sure to apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior to going outdoors to lower any risk of sunburn
  • Protect your lips with a lip balm with SPF 30+
  • Make sure to reapply sunscreen after 2 hours or after being in water.
  • Make sure to check sunscreen expiration dates. I know most items are fine after these dates, but sunscreen IS NOT one of them.

Photos by Elizabeth Looney Photography 

The cool thing I love about Blue Lizard sunscreen is the patented BPA-free bottle turns pink (Baby) or blue (sensitive) in the presence of harmful UV rays, which is indication to cover up! — See Above — How easy does this make your beach and pool trips? You don’t even have to guess if you need to put on sunscreen, it just tells you. So, I highly suggest you incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine not only to protect your children, but to protect yourself too! Skin care year-round is vitally important and your future self will be grateful. Hello, didn’t we already state we didn’t have time for wrinkles. Take care of that skin, you’ll thank me later. Have a safe summer friends. Xoxo.


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