Super Bowl grub on the healthier side

It’s here, it’s finally here! Superbowl Sunday y’all. Both the football loving ladies who will be screaming at the TV along with the boys and the women who are just excited football season is finally over, can agree on the enjoyment of one thing involved. Fooooood. I know that’s what is on my mind. Honestly that is the main thing on my mind ALL DAY long. When can I eat again, what am I eating next? Ok I’m getting hungry so moving on…

If you are anything like me and trying your best to shape up for bikini season, yet cannot give up your food addiction, I’m gonna throw a little bone your way. How nice would it be to nosh on some yummy grub while you watch the Superbowl (or commercials for you non-football lovers) and not feel guilty?! I’m sold. I try to make all my comfort foods the healthiest way I can by substituting different ingredients and researching “skinny” versions of anything and everything. Since I’m just starting to get the hang of this blogging thing, I figured what better topic to post on than some of the awesome recipes I’ve came across that you peeps can use for your Superbowl party. Or any party for that matter. Ok here we go:

Who doesn’t love caprese salad? It has changed my disgust for tomatoes completely. I even like them now. I have had these caprese skewers and let me tell you…so delicious, and these tiny munchkin poppers are just adorable.


These turkey taco roll ups seriously take 5-10 minutes and give you an up factor on the basic sandwich roll ups most people make for parties.

turkey taco

If you are looking for a light appetizer which might I add also takes only 10 minutes, look no further. These smoked salmon cucumber bites are the cat’s meow. I mean hello, you had me at cream cheese and horseradish. Oh, on a side note if you have time get the greek yogurt cream cheese. I use that for every cream cheese recipe nowadays.


Shut the front door. I’ll take mozzarella sticks anyway I can get them! A healthier version? Um, done and done. The skinny mozzarella sticks are my jam!



I absolutely could not write this without including meatballs for my hubs. He’s obsessed. I must admit I rarely make them because I am not a fan myself. I have found a healthy recipe for you meatball loving kids out there there.


How can you watch football without wings for crying out loud?! Now they might taste like heaven and all, but those little suckers are straight up fattening. This recipe for baked wings gives you the fulfillment you crave but extremely healthier. Just kick up the siracha and hot sauce level and add some ranch, and you’ll be good to go!


Last but not least, here are a couple dips for ya:

Just the word hummus sounds healthy but sometimes it’s sneaky and loaded with additives that make it downright loaded with calories or fat. This recipe uses all natural ingredients and greek yogurt as the base. Now chow down with some veggies or pita chips.


Ok Ok Ok. Now we can get this party started. I saved my favorite for last. I could literally drink this. Skinny Buffalo Chicken dip.  I cannot rave enough about this if you like this dip the regular way. My husband and I cannot stop eating once we start. A couple tweaks I add in are jalapeño and I sub goat cheese for blue cheese, but that is just my personal preferences. I also prefer Flavor God ranch because I am absolutely obsessed with their seasonings. I probably own every one.


It’s now time to get your food on. You can enjoy a few indulgences without having to wear your stretchy pants. Who am I kidding we all probably still will though. Yoga pants for life! Hope you enjoy. Go Broncos. (I’m from East Tennessee and if I don’t root for Peyton, my father might disown me)



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