Tips On How To Make That Blowout Last

Ok ladies (or men with long hair)  I have teamed up with The Dry House in Nashville to help share some tips on how to extend a blow out and share some of their blowout deals as well 🙂 If you’re anything like me and hate washing your own hair let alone drying it too, these tips will help make you a lot happier. I have wavy hair with a kinky texture in the back so it’s always hard to reach those spots when I blow out my hair. I try to stretch out the days in between washes as long as possible and a good blowout definitely helps attain that.


If you’re not going to a blowout bar and wanna attempt this at home read below. Otherwise trust a professional.

  • First you need the right tools to perfect the blow out. Don’t worry I got you 😉 We’ll go step by step through this together. Depending on your hair texture will determine what type of shampoo you will use to start. I have linked below my favorite brand Pureology in three different types: hydrating, purifying and volume shampoo. I personally would need Hydrating shampoo because my hair is on the drier side where I color it. If your hair is on the mousy/limp side I would recommend Volumizing shampoo. At times when I feel like I have a lot of product build up I also would use a Purifying shampoo. Scrub (well massage) those roots then put a hydrating conditioner if you have dry hair and a lightweight conditioner if you have fine hair on just the ends.
  • Then apply a rejuvenating oil like this one HERE or HERE on the ends to help with dry ends. It also helps reduce dry time and extends your blowout.
  • Next apply a volumizing mousse shown HERE and HERE on roots.
  • Follow with a blowout spray like THIS or THIS to protect hair from UV rays and hot hair styling tools.
  • Section off hair and blow dry with brush in sections flipping your wrist.

Short hair (chin length and shorter) – Use a small to medium round brush 1″ (25mm) to 1.4″ (35mm)

Medium hair (chin length to collar-bone) – Use a medium round brush 1.4″ (35mm) to 1.7″ (45mm)

Long hair ( Collar bone length or longer) – Use a medium to large round brush 1.7″ (45mm) to 2.2″ (55mm)


After your gorgeous blowout is completed, here some ways to maintain that perfection on your head:

  • Flip your head over at night and roll into a ballerina bun securing with a scrunchie. Yes I said scrunchie. Elastic hair ties crease and tangle hair.
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase to avoid frizz.
  • When you shower, use a shower cap to avoid humidity messing with your hair cuticles.

I use a lot of dry shampoo to stretch my blowout as long as possible. I’m embarrassed to admit but currently I’m on day 9. I plan on finally washing my hair tomorrow haha. I’m also gonna include a few things(like beach & texturizing spray) I use to style and give my hair volume in between washes. I plan on posting a hair tutorial next week too 🙂


The Dry House in Nashville was gracious enough to invite me to their salon to give me a badass blowout and go over all of these tips to prolong your blowout. If you’re in the Nashville area, check them out. I’m including a list of their services and cost. Mention NASHVILLE WIFESTYLES for $10 off your blowout 🙂
The Dry House Nashville
2104 Crestmoor Road
Nashville, TN 37215

(Next to Color, Nadeau and Bennett Galleries)
(615) 678-7064

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