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Right now it seems like everyone I know is either A.) Getting married or B.) Having a baby. I am married but I personally remember how that felt being the one longing for those things. Funny enough I did things backwards, baby then the marriage but I still longed for the marriage part. I felt like I was waiting on my boyfriend to pop the question. Then I began to think Matt might propose and I wanted to make sure he made the right decision and got something I loved. Luckily our friend owns a local jewelry store in Bellevue & has a keen taste for stylish jewelry and found the best ring for him through her store. 

How do you let someone know the type of ring you are wanting without jumping the gun?

For starters, find out your true ring style and what type of ring works best for you.

  1. Browse Pinterest and look at all the different ring types and PIN away. While that may sound a tad crazy, it’s actually not. So many girls basically plan their wedding on Pinterest before they so much as have a boyfriend. I call it prepared.
  2. Also Grogan’s Jewelers By Lon has a design your ring section on their website so you can check out the different settings, stones, halos etc. It’s a pretty neat feature to give you an idea of your perfect ring and how it would look.
  3. Go look at rings with your man and SHOW him what you’re liking. Or make sure to tell your friends what your style is so they’ll know what to tell him when he starts to browse. If you live in the Nashville area, you can casually stop in the Grogan’s Jewelry By Lon store since it’s conveniently located in the Cool Springs Mall in front of the Apple store. That would make it super seamless and authentic to check out the ring selections. Bonus: now through end of August if your guy stops in to browse the ring guide and inquire on rings, he gets a free beer voucher. Because let’s be honest, he deserves it. It’s a nerve-racking decision.

Some style trends from my fave bloggers:

My Engagement Ring has an elaborate side band. 

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So as far as ring types go, I have researched some of 2017’s hottest trends. Some are pictured above.

  • Colorful Diamonds // If you’re looking to make a statement with a non-traditional ring, then a colorful diamond is a subtle way to go. There are so many different colors now from pink, blue or even black if you’re really going for bold.
  • Dainty & Delicate Ring // There is something so classic about a ring that looks so simple it could’ve been passed down in your family. Delicate rings are so feminine and refined, it just goes to show that a little can go a long way.
  • Jeweled Ring // If you’re considering opting out of diamonds in general, colored gems are making an entrance. Sapphires, rubies or even emeralds are definitely statement rings with some oomph.
  • Gold/Rose Gold // I feel like for the longest time silver was the main color for engagement bands. Honestly gold is the leading type of jewelry I rock day-to-day.
  • Heirlooms // Heirlooms from family are HUGE right now. It’s very special to be on the receiving end of your grandmother’s ring, but the distinctive part of it is that you can have it made into your very own ring from that heirloom. Grogan Jewelers By Lon is known not only for their extensive selection of jewelry but also customizing or rebuilding your old jewelry. 
  • Elaborate Side Band // Want a guarantee that your ring looks stunning from all angles? I love the intricate details of an elaborate side band.
  • Pear Shaped // Pear shaped diamonds are making a huge comeback and if you have short, nubby little fingers like this girl right here then this cut will elongate your fingers.
  • Mixed Metal // Raise your hand if you’re indecisive? (Awkwardly raises hand) Fashion faux pas no more, I have been mixing metals as far back as I remember because honestly, I love them both. It makes it easier to match your other jewelry too. Bonus: A gold center halo around the stone can make your rock look a lot bigger.
  • Vintage Inspired // This has been trending for a few years. This was exactly what I was looking for with my ring and one of my favorite styles. It gives off an heirloom quality and looks oh so timeless.

Lastly make sure you buy your ring from a trusted jeweler. Grogan’s Jewelers By Lon (rings pictured above) has an amazing warranty and hands down the best customer service working in their store. “We will replace any diamond, which in normal use chips, cracks, or separates from its mounting and is lost, with a diamond of equal retail value for the purchaser’s lifetime, provided the diamond and mounting have been cleaned and checked at least every four months and that such inspection has been verified in writing in the space provided on the Lifetime Warranty and Registration Certificate by an authorized representative of the store.” Check here for more warranty information. If you live in the Nashville, TN or Huntsville/Florence area make sure to go in the store and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.


I hope you guys enjoyed this trending engagement rings post! Let me know your favorite style below. Xo

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  1. This is such a fun post! I have a few friends getting engaged this year and they are currently ring shopping. Such a fun time.

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  2. What a great post idea! My now hubby and I went and looked at rings one day two years ago just to get an idea of what he and I liked!

  3. My friends and I were just talking about how to “hint” to our friend’s BF that she wants the ring already!!! Loved hearing your opinion on different ring types

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